2008 Postseason 1st Round Predictions

1st Round Playoff Predictions


The annual Mopupduty first round playoff predictions.



Rays over Sox in 4
Angels over Sox in 3
Brewers over Phils in 5
Cubs over Dodgers in 3


Here are Early’s picks. Look for a detailed explaination again of my Comparative Dependance and Playoff teams later this week.

Tampa Bay over Chicago in 3
Boston over Angels in 3
Philadelphia over Brewers in 5
Cubs over Dodgers in 3


Here are Kman’s typically poor MLB playoff predictions for 2008. I’ve decided that I won’t get ahead of myself this year and predict in a round-by-round basis.

White Sox vs Rays:

The Rays are built upon pitching (both starting and relief), defense and an 80’s style offense that is based as much upon speed as it is power. With AJ behind the plate (AL qualified worst in Caught Stealing at 17.9%) I see the Rays running quite a bit in this series. The pitching favors the Rays and I also like their D. The White Sox scuffled their way through September. In my mind the playoffs are all about being hot. The Rays are the real deal, keeping up their strong play all season. This series will be closer than most see it but I’m going with the Rays in five.

Red Sox vs Angels

The Angels certainly looked smart after acquiring Mark Texeria near the trade deadline this season. He creates a different style offense and has been a huge RBI source in his short angels tenure. The Angels are still a mixture of veterans and younger stars. The Sox are playoff tested and a stronger team in my mind with Bay vs Manny + distractions. The question is how will the Red Sox’s pitching hold up? Although in a five game series starting pitching depth isn’t all important. Dice-K & Lester in the one-two spots should be enough. Red Sox in four, maybe five.

Brewers vs Phillies:

There are numerous examples of low level pitchers stepping it up and producing in the playoffs. A recent example would be Jeff Weaver. So the whole CC pitch count situation may not be as dire as some are making it out to be. The Phillies will counter with Hamels and Moyers, a legit front two in 2008 (at least statistically). Let’s not forget that the Phillies also had an awesome September run and are loaded up and down the lineup. Expect home runs galore in this series. I’ll take the Phillies to finally advance to the NLCS in four games.

Dodgers vs Cubs:

Has Lou Pinella produced in the playoffs in the past 15 years? The answer is no. Torre on the other hand has a far better track record. The front three starters are surprisingly even in stats in 2008. I say surprising when factoring the hype that Dempster, Zambrano and Harden have received. Hitting favors the Cubs 1 – 8 over the Dodgers. I’m going with intangibles and leadership in this series. The Dodgers are in essentially a no pressure situtation and I expect their young core to play as though they have nothing to lose. Dodgers in five.

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3 replies on “2008 Postseason 1st Round Predictions”
  1. says: Early

    Kman I see you pick the Dodgers in 5 how confident are you in that pick? Confident enough to put money on it? Dodgers strength is their pitching but Chicago’s pitching is stellar as well and you point out the Cubs 1,2,3 are just as good or better than anyone else’s. I hate the Cubs+Lou as much as the next guy but I can’t put my name behind and upset like that. To say teams with no pressure can beat better teams is a crock, look at the Red Sox and White Sox in the last few years. Those teams had to get the monkey off their backs and they did it. “No pressure” teams such as Minnesota, Colorado, Houston have not been able to win World Series. How much of a factor are you crediting to “pressure”?

  2. says: Kman

    All valid points.

    I’m of the mind that I’ll believe it when it happens with certain teams. In hockey Dallas has had a top seed in about the last five seasons but they haven’t won the big one. The Cubs have had a few shots over the years, this is the 4th playoff appearance since 1998. Obviously this is a different ballclub. With that said I’m still taking the “believe it” approach.

    The Dodgers had a good September with a 17 – 8 record (.680). The Cubs were 12 – 12. Coasting is certainly a factor but once its been turned off can it be turned back on?

    I don’t give much, maybe at max 5% to the pressure aspect. The ballclub’s aren’t as far apart in terms of talent as the records indicate.

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