2008 World Series Predictions


2008 World Series Predictions



Rays in 5, their starting pitching is too much for the Phillies to handle. Myers, Blanton and Moyer are going to crumble. Pitching and defense win championships!!


I’m going to go against the grain and pick the Phillies to win the 2008 World Series in six games.

This is really an odd series. The Rays play more like an NL team with pitching and defense being their primary weapons. The Phillies are all AL, built on power, having less front end pitching depth and really relying upon only two pitchers in the bullpen (Madson & Lidge).

The reason that I don’t like the Rays here is due to the starting pitching match-up. Shields, Kazmir and Garza are great front line starters and are as dangerous as any front three in all of baseball. But they love to give up the longball, Shields (24 in 215 IP), Garza (19 in 185) and Kazmir (23 in 152).

Vegas odds have game one as a push, due to Hamels dominance in the playoffs. I think Philly can take work a split in the first two games and take over home field advantage from there. I’ll be cheering for the Rays. After besting the AL I think we may witness a bit of a hangover from the Rays in the WS.

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