2009 Playoff Bullpen Suckage

  • At this point of the 2009 post-season playoffs (Oct 21st), 21 games have been played. Obviously 21 games have been won and lost. Of these losses, 9 have been charged to bullpens.
  • This is more than the entire 2008 playoff cycle, which witnessed 8 bullpen losses.
  • There have been a total of 19 save opportunities. Only 10 have been converted.
  • WHIP ratios for starters is a combined 1.24. It is 1.58 for relievers.
  • Yanks take the Cake

    Clearly the Yankees have the best bullpen of the remaining playoff teams. They have the lowest overall team ERA (1.96) and Mariano Rivera. Yet probably the most under-estimated strength is depth. Currently the back-end of the Yanks pen consists of three pitchers that would start for the majority of teams in the majors, Phil Hughes, Alfredo Aceves and Joba Chamberlain. If anything, the off-season free agent acquisitions of big ticket starters allowed for the creation of this depth.

    Depth Issues

    Anything can happen (and anyone can falter) when it comes to a bullpen. Ask the Twins Joe Nathan and Mr.Loveable over in Boston.

    Bullpen depth will most likely become a priority for the the true contenders in the off-season. If one gun isn’t hiring, back it up with another. This should represent an opportunity for free agents and mid-tier clubs with excess bullpen depth (ie Toronto).

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