2010 Toronto Blue Jays Promos and Giveaways

I’ll admit it, I like free crap. Especially when it comes from a ballpark. It’s time to check out what the boys at Rogers corp are giving me for coming to the park in 2010.

The highlight of the year is clearly the Dave Stieb bobblehead giveaway on August 29th. (10,000).


I love the facial expression. Someone is hanging out over the plate and Stieb’s gonna make them pay.

Taking second place is the Jays hat giveaway (10,000) on May 19th.


The only other tangible giveaways of the season (no screen caps available at this time):

May 30th – Photo Day
September 26th – Toronto Blue Jays T-Shirt (10,000)

Theme Days

The Jays will continue their longstanding tradition of Jr.Jays days during Saturday home games throughout the season.

A few theme games have been mixed in here and there, including fathers day, 80’s night, Canadian Armed Forces day and Irish Night.

Daytime games during weekdays this season will be known as “Jays@School” games, even for games taking place in August. Go figure.

And that’s it for the promos. Maybe I’ll purchase a few gift cards and receive a free bobblehead or two. Sounds good right?


Well the players offered are essentially left-overs, with Johnny Mac being the only current member of the team. Other bobblehead options include BJ Ryan, Orlando Hudson, Reed Johnson and Corey Koskie!?!?

With the good stuff being limited to 10,000 units, it’s clear that the Jays FAIL with their 2010 promo schedule.

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17 replies on “2010 Toronto Blue Jays Promos and Giveaways”
  1. says: CJ

    I would die for a Johnny Mac or Reid Johnson bobblehead, lol but Corie Koskie… really?!

    Gracias for the heads up, needed to pick the rest of my voucher pack games. This helps!

  2. That Stieb bobblehead is essential. I will be waiting outside of the gate like a rabid dog to get my hands on one of those. It will be the perfect accompaniment to my Roy Halladay bobblehead.

    I could go for a Hudson and Johnny Mac one as well.

    No dog day at the ballpark announced? EPIC FAIL

  3. says: Ian

    Isn’t it weird that the Stieb Bobblehead has him wearing the road grey uniform, but the home white panel cap?

    Maybe there was an error at the factory or something. Either way, this will be a hot commodity this summer.

  4. says: Tight PP

    The Jays have never been big on giveaways. Most other park I have been to have had a promotion almost daily. Pittsburgh had a huge fireworks display, followed by Clemente Plate day, Cleveland had sizemore fleece blanket night, Houston had cap night. Opening week in Texas will bring a concert, $1 hotdog, and autographs.

    Also recieved Giveaways at hockey games in Detroit and Chicago, but never in Toronto, Ottawa, or montreal…Is it a canadian thing?

  5. says: LJ

    I’m plotting a trip to Baltimore, and it looks like the Orioles are giving away more sh*t by the middle of May than the Jays are all year.

    I know little about marketing, but taking away extra incentives to see this re/building team doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. And it’s not just the giveaways: they eliminated the value nights, ditched a lot of flex pack benefits, bumped up the 500-level ticket price, and there was nothing that came with gift cards before December (when they’ll obviously sell a lot of them.)

  6. says: Kman

    Even the dreaded Yanks are giving away more stuff.

    I wonder if it boils down to having lazy office personnel. (I’m not giving the Jays a pass due to the staff cuts. Promo’s have been terrible for years).

    Typically it’s Promotion X (let’s say a replica jersey) sponsored by corporation Y. The Jays and the corporation most likely share the costs. Make it a part of someone’s job to be aggressively cold calling businesses to see if they’ll co-sponsor a promotion.

    The Jays AAA affiliate out in Vegas has the following highlight promotions:

    Fireworks at least 8 times
    8 Bobblehead Nights (including Ryan Sandberg and Randy Ruiz!)
    Thursday $1 beer night
    $1 monday’s including hot dogs, popcorn, etc
    T-Shirts, Wall Clocks, Visor, Sunglasses, Jersey, Fleece, etc

    Way to go 51’s!

  7. says: Early

    The ingame giveaways were good last year.
    Rogers customers text “Win” and you will be given a chance for a Halladay auto jers. Is an example.

    The Steib bobblehead is munay. Giving away 10,000 isn’t going draw anyone though. Toronto Marlies (who draw about 1500) will swell to more that 5000 during their very successful bobblehead campaign. Toronto loves up their bobbles.

  8. says: bill

    It seriously looks like the front office has literally given up on promotions in general. How do they expect to get ppl to the park? Let’s face it, there isn’t going to be any pennants won this year on the field and when the minor league team is doing more promotions than the major league team, then there is something wrong. I actually called the ticket sales staff asking about a potential alumni weekend in August and they had no information about it, however it had been advertised through the fan club. Like do they not care or are they keeping everything a secret? It’s almost like they are sabotaging themselves. The last few years, a lot of promotions have been disorganized and there have been many events that have seemed to have been thrown together. They need to wake up in Toronto if they want to keep their team and fans happy.

  9. says: Anthony Irwin

    On a completely different tangent – I have a hockey stick from the Toronto Blue Jays signed by the team (stamped not original signatures) pre-1985. I have been trying to find somewhere that I can compare values to. Anyone know of somewhere. I have googled the planet and I can’t find this stick anywhere. I am assuming the stick is about 1980 – 1985

    1. says: Larry

      I have the same stick that I got as a give away at exhibition stadium. Ithink that it was 1979 or 1980.

  10. says: Robert

    I have given up on the Jays. I have taken my son over the last few years to games in Philadelphia and Baltimore and Pittsburgh. This year Detroit and Cleveland coming up. Far far better value than Jays games. Reasonable ticket prices, better ball parks, better food in park and atmosphere. Far better promotions. This team has been a Rogers toy for far to long – just to fill time on Roger’s TV (Sportsnet) and radio (FAN) networks.

  11. says: twobees

    i have one of the same sticks
    lithograghed sinatures
    it was a give away im almost positive in the 1977 season as i was still liveing in toronto
    if not it was the beginning of the 1978 when i was back for a visit
    several years ago at the internation (collectable card expo show) toronto
    the best offer i had was 20 dollars i still have it i was just trying to find a value for it or more info when i read your request
    good luck with search hope this leads in right direction for your answer

  12. says: wolfen22ca

    I have one of the hockey sticks, as well. They were a give-away for the final home series of the 1977 season.

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