2011 Baseball Video Games

Nerd Alert! Previewing Upcoming 2011 Baseball Video Games.

Updated MLB 2K11 + MLB Show 11 info: Feb 13th, 2011

MLB 2K11

(Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, PSP, PS2, PC)

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Release Date: March 8th


Take Two Interactive (ticker symbol TTWO) is back with what could likely be their second to last baseball game. Back in 2005 Take Two signed a seven year exclusive third party deal to create MLB video games across all consoles. This is why EA’s highly respected MVP baseball series was shelved.

Details are scarce at this point. The $1 million perfect game contest is back (first to record a perfect game on a predetermined difficulty setting wins $1 million) and our boy Roy Halladay is on the cover.

Early Trailer

[youtube kxsXeuGKNgU]


MLB 2K11 Graphically improvement comparisons



Brian Wilson with a poor man’s Zach Galifianakis impression

[youtube sy2M3yxRIHA]

MLB Bobblhead Pros

(Xbox Live, Playstation Network)

Release Date: ???

Taking advantage of their disappearing exclusivity, Take Two has applied to the ESRB (a video games ratings board) for a game titled MLB Bobbleheads Pros.

The only info out there relating to this game comes from the ESRB

baseball simulation game in which players compete using ‘bobblehead doll’ versions of real major league players.

Video game site Joystiq speculates that this will be a downloadable only title.

MLB The Show 11

(PS3, PSP, PS2)

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Release Date: March 8th


Playstation exclusive MLB 11 The Show is back once again. This time around the game adds 3D and Playstation Move capabilities to the PS3 version.

3D doesn’t set my world on fire but the inclusion of the ‘Move’ motion controller could make this one of the greatest interactive games of all-time.

For those using a regular controller, The Show will revamp their controller scheme in 2011, adopting the dual analog control system found in the MLB 2K series.

Yearly improvements to career mode (Road to the Show), online leader boards and co-op play are expected.

On the downside the game added Eric Karros as a play-by-play announcer.


[youtube FTAF581qSm4]


Stadium specific features, ambiance. (Drunk College kids in the 500 level at the RC?)

[youtube x-BMcKEzrfI]

Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2011

(Region Free PS3 – plays on North American PS3 Consoles)

Pro_Yakyuu_Spirits _2011.jpg

Release Date: March 11th (Japan)

The popular Japanese series returns once again in 2011. North American PS3’s can play the game (which can be found via Play Asia or Ebay).

Judging by gameplay videos the game has a realistic japanese flavour. Crowd chants are loudly represented during gameplay. The Japanese also incorporate story telling and drama into their game feed & highlights. This game captures the feeling by showing numerous close-ups of players, managers, etc.

Here are a few videos from the 2010 Version


[youtube fCdv8xmWmr0]

Home Run Derby

[youtube jRfZ5JHzkI4]

At this point that’s all I can find for upcoming NA console games. If I missed anything let me know via the comments.

In February/March (once demos are out) I’ll take a look at the PC/Mac based computer baseball sims such as Out of the Park Baseball & Baseball Mogul.

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20 replies on “2011 Baseball Video Games”
  1. That bobblehead game sounds like absolute garbage. On the other hand, The Show looks like it is head and shoulders above the rest. I have been out of the baseball-video-game scene since we were in University, so it blows my mind how far these games have advanced since then.

    Do any of them offer the option of unlocking oldschool ballparks and players like the games we used to play?

    That Japanese game looks wild. I’d love to try it.

    1. says: Mark

      MLB10 had downloadable old stadiums (like the Polo grounds) you could buy off the Playstation network. It’ll probably be the same for this one.

  2. says: Chris

    Is there a new Power Pros coming out? That’s been the best non-The Show baseball game for a while now.

    Also psyched to see if Baseball Mogul actually goes and makes any tangible improvements. That game is probably the only reason I run XP on my Mac.

    1. I don’t think another Power Pros is coming out in NA anytime soon, apparently the sales were not high enough.

      The Japanese game that pros is based on (Jikky? Powerful Pro Yaky?) was last put out in July of 2010 on the PS3. I haven’t been able to find any info regarding a 2011 release.

      Re: BM on XP – Ha, I’m in the same boat. I run VMWare on my Mac and one of the main reasons is for BM.

  3. says: Alain

    Can’t wait to get my copy of 2k11 with Doc on it. Last Year I got my free fatheaz derek jeter, hopefully there will be something a blue jay fan can sport….also have my Jose Reyes bobble head from 2k8 sitting on my desk at work.

    Every so often I wip out my MVP 2005 with Manny on the cover and still ove being able to charge the mound and argue calls. Was the best $18 I spent with a friend back in the day. Looking forward to haveing a competitive market again.

    1. says: Mr. E

      I think the majority of the baseball video game playing world loved MVP 2005 with Manny on the cover, myself included. I’d pay to have someone create the 2011 rosters to use on that game. Why do these game developers move away from a concept that worked? I’ve heard rumors that half the people that worked on MVP quit and were hired on by those that produce The Show. Who knows, I just miss my quality baseball video game.

        1. says: Alain

          I saw that you can do that for the PC version, but I was rocking it old school on my GameCube.

          Not sure if there is any truth to The Show rumour with the staff, as EA did put out a fwe NCAA ball games after MVP.

      1. says: Alain

        Blue Jays Always. Alrhough I often try to join an online league. Maybe there is enough interest on mopup. Mlb on 360?

  4. I just preordered Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2011 for the Japanese PS3, MLB 11 for the PS2 and PS3, and also MLB 2K11 for the PS2, all today! Pro Yakyuu Spirits will be released now on March 24th, while the other NA MLB Games will be released on March 8th! Can’t wait!

  5. says: Mark

    Tried the demo for MLB11 The Show. I like the change to the Pure Analog control scheme for pitching and batting, though the use of it for fielding threw me at first.

    Demo didn’t include Move support. So I’m lookng forward to the release March 8 to try it with Move, even though it looks like it’s only for the Home Run Derby mode.

  6. says: Alain

    I downloaded the Mlb 2K11 on 360 last night and it is pretty, they have also learned to say Halladay and not Holiday.

    Anyone on 360 getting the game want to play xbox live?

  7. says: matthias

    I’m on the fence between MLB Show, MLB 2K and Pro Yakyuu. I’m leaning towards giving the Japanese game a go.

    Although I do find MLB 2K’s daily roster + replay gameplay situations intriguing.

  8. says: Alain

    Bah, fortunately I have my xbox and therefore no choice, its cheaper that way. although I still can not wait for 2k to lose the exclusive and EA to come back with a game, mind you if the haven’t been developing a baseball game for so long, could wind up as a flop for the first year.

    Got my call this weekend that the game is in and ready to be released tomorrow, can’t wait. I wonder if Wells will be in the opening day line up before a roster update.

  9. says: Basblladict

    Is there any baseball video game that i can play others countries teams ? Thank you

  10. says: Meegan

    Hello, I need help! I am trying to find the MLB 2012 for PS2 but I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know if this has not been made or??? ANy assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Meegan

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