2011 Blue Jays: Free Agents, Arbitration and Payroll


The surprising 2010 Toronto Blue Jays season has come to a close. Few predicted an 85-77 overall record. The Jays were one of only three teams (Yankees + Rays) to post winning records in all three AL divisions (East, Central, West).

But the season is over. Let’s look ahead to 2011.

2011 Current Payroll: $43.24 million

Upcoming Free Agent Eligible:

Based upon MLBTrade Rumor Elias projections (as of Sept 18th)

Downs (Type A)
Frasor (Type A)
Buck (Type B)
Gregg (Type B) – club option
Molina (none) – club option
Overbay (none)

Club Options:

Kevin Gregg (2011 at $4.5 or 2011+2012 at $8.75), otherwise $750K buyout

Jose Molina (2011 at $1 million), otherwise $200K buyout

Arbitration Eligible:

Stage 4


Stage 3


Stage 2


Stage 1


2011 MLB Draft

Jays draft 21st overall

Other Club Notes:

Vernon Wells big $$$ begins in 2011, with $26+ million in salary and bonus due.

Locked up until 2013: Lind, Romero, Hill (assuming Jays pick up club option), Wells, Adeinis Hechavarria


Potential Strategies

Due to type A status, both Downs and Frasor may become ‘sign & trades’. Teams may be gun shy about giving up 1st round draft picks for set-up level relievers.

The Jays could allow Tallet to walk if they fail to offer arbitration.

The Jays may let Kevin Gregg walk for Type B compensation.

AA and the Jays may ‘buy’ more draft picks this off-season. One season rentals such as Gregg & Buck allowed the Jays to essentially purchase Type B level compensation draft picks.

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7 replies on “2011 Blue Jays: Free Agents, Arbitration and Payroll”
  1. says: Pooks137

    With respect to Downs and Frasor doing “sign-and-trade” deals, I thought MLB had a rule that free agents couldn’t be traded until a certain point of the season.

  2. says: matthias


    The precedent was set last season. The Braves signed Type A free agent reliever R.Soriano and traded him to the Rays in return for Jesse Chavez, a classic sign & trade.

    The Jays won’t receive compensation draft picks but AA should get his choice of mid-tier prospects in sign/trades with Frasor & Downs.

    1. says: matthias

      I should add unless lower tier teams (within 1-15 in overall standings) sign one of the two. Then the Jays would receive compensation round picks.

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