2012 Toronto Blue Jays MLB Draft InfoGraphic

The 2012 MLB Draft has been completed. 40 rounds, over 1200 picks, including 44 by the Jays.

The Toronto Blue Jays exploited the new CBA draft system and come out with yet another high ceiling draft class, essentially finding a way to go over-slot throughout the latter portion of the draft.

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  • John

    Blue Jays are called Chara Crestada in Spanish.

    Still, nice effort.

    • No, a Chara Crestada is a Steller’s Jay. Not a Blue Jay.

      • Blu Jay fan

        My grandad , who is from Latin America always called them “Los Azulejos”. Great idea and I would love a shirt, but I’m not a supporter of the Jays Care. I have heard some negative things about the way the charity is run, having a very high percentage of cost going toward admin cost, gala cost, golf tournament costs etc…well above the average of 20% for most charities. Can’t be too sure where your money is going. One would hope, what you donate goes directly to the kids in our community, but apparently, in this case, with the percentage being higher than acceptable, you can’t count on it.

        • Blu Jay fan

          I meant – GRAND DAD.

  • William Sullivan

    I just bought mine – Los Azulejos (in script) de Toronto – and it looks awesome!

  • Eric

    Wow! I always just assumed azulejo was “blue jay” in Spanish. But you’re right! ¡Es un arrendajo azul!

  • Gustavo Velarde

    I would love to get my hands on one of those “Lo Vistes” blue jays logo that Jose Reyes posted in his Instagram feed a while back