2014 Topps Heritage Blue Jays Cards

Product Rating

9 Design
8 Fun
3 Inserts
7 Value

The 2014 edition of Topps Heritage has just been released.

It’s a throwback product aimed at the casual baseball fan. The product casts aside the industry’s ridiculous pricing structure and auto/relic insert fetish, instead focussing on retro design and an aspect largely lost in today’s baseball card market: fun.

This set lives up to its mission, and this years collection of Toronto Blue Jays Cards showcases the playful throwback style of the product. Outside of the norm are fun inclusions such as a Gibby card, Kawasaki making a goofy face and a classic shared rookie card featuring Pillar and Goins.

You can view all 17 Jays cards by clicking and dragging your cursor across the cards.

Jays Base Set: $5 – $10 (14 cards, no relics or short prints) on Ebay.

Product Info: $75 per box, 24 packs x 9 cards. 1 auto/relic per box.

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