’41’s Friday Matchup Forecast

’41’s Friday Pitching Forecast

Fantasy Knowledge Embedded Inside..

It’s Friday.  That means the beginning of fresh series’, intriguing match-ups, and plenty of fantasy goodness.  Week 2 of the baseball season is nearly in the books, and I must say I’m relatively pleased with how I’m doing in my ‘5’ fantasy leagues I’m involved in.  Throughout the course of such a long baseball season, I’ll admit, it’s difficult at times to give each league the proper attention it deserves.  Although, some leagues I’ve been in have been so poorly run, that it doesn’t deserve my attention whatsoever.  One league I’d like to make quick mention of, is the one I’m in along with Calman and K-Man.  I don’t give a hell that it’s only Week 2 – Our league is as follows.

1.   41 Base Wraiths 87.5 0.5 9 3
2.   Zaunbie Nation 81.5 4.5 11 4
3.   Kman 79.5 -4 12 2
4.   Dman Destroyers 79 -2 5 2
5.   Free State Cheetahs 77 -1 8 3
6.   J.Nix 68 0 10 3
7.   Dragon Squad 66 -2 6 1
8.   Thompy’s Angels 57 1.5 3 6
9.   Snakes 53 -3 2
10.   Grand Slam 52.5 5.5 7 1
11.   Nigerious 42 -3.5 4
12.   The Rookers 37 3.5 1 3

Stay tuned for frequent updates of my domination within this league.

Now – It’s time to focus on some Friday pitching matchups I enjoy – some more obvious than others.

OAK: J. Blanton (0-2, 3.44) CLE: C.C. Sabathia (0-1, 7.59)

Sabathia is coming off two very rough starts to begin his year.  He’s given up 9ER in 10.2 IP so far, and hasn’t looked anything like the 2007 Cy Young winner so far in 2008.  However, there is good news for all you Sabathia owners (including myself).  Oakland is coming off a surprising 3-game sweep of the Jays (my life is miserable), and turn to their ace, Blanton, to continue their strong play against the Indians.  Unfortunately for Blanton owners, he won’t be getting you that ‘W’ tonight, and instead, Sabathia gets his 1st of the year.

WinnerSabathia6IP – 3ER – 7K NYY:

C. Wang (2-0, 1.38) BOS: C. Buchholz (0-1, 5.40)

The 1st meeting of 2008 between the bitter rivals will result in a Yankees victory.  I was NOT on the Buchholz bandwagon after he threw his ‘no-no’ last year, and remain far away from jumping on.  I’ve seen him throw, and yes, he has good stuff, but it hasn’t blown me away and I’m suspect that he can get it done on a regular basis.  While I believe that any starter for powerhouse hitting teams has value, I wouldn’t consider Clay a top-flight SP, or someone to get incredibly excited about as of yet.  Wang’s performance tonight will be average at best, but he’ll take out the Red Sox in typical Wang fashion.  Slow, deliberate, and will dissect them pitch by pitch.

WinnerWang6IP – 3ER – 2K National League SD:

J. Peavy (2-0, 0.56) LAD: B. Penny (1-1, 2.84)

The most intriguing match-up in the Senior Circuit tonight is undoubtedly Peavy vs Penny.  Every time I see Peavy pitch, it’s absolutely electric, and I dream that one day he’ll pitch #2 in the Jays rotation behind Roy Halladay.  Until then, I suppose I’ll just project his dominant performances, and sit, and wait.  Peavy will get his 3rd W tonight behind the strength of his ridiculous arm, and some decent bats.  Penny will throw a solid game as well, but will throw more pitches than he needs to, and find himself out of the ball game after 6.

WinnerPeavy7IP – 2ER – 9K STL:

K. Lohse (1-0, 0.00) SF: B. Zito (0-2, 6.30)

The Giants WILL be the worst team in the Major’s at the end of the season, even though Nostradamus himself would laugh at how amateur that prediction is.  Watching Barry Zito now, is like watching a train wreck.  He had a horrendous spring, but there’s always that, “Well, he’s just working out new pitches.. getting himself into game shape..” That just isn’t true.  Zito is this bad, and his hook hangs in the air like the last pitch that Henry Rowengartner throws in Rookie of the Year.. except players are mashing it.  The Giants offense could easily be shut down by a AA Team on any given night, and Zito will not win his 1st of the year tonight.

WinnerLohse5IP – 3ER – 4K

CHC: C. Zambrano (1-0, 1.32) PHI: B. Myers (0-1, 6.30)

Zambrano is going to dominate this match-up, despite the fact that they’re playing in Philly.  Myers will rebound in his outing, but I think he’s going to come out the hard luck loser in this one.  On paper, this may be an obvious choice, but Philly’s offense is nothing to scoff at, and either is Myers’ ‘stuff’ when he’s ‘on’.

WinnerZambrano7IP – 2ER – 6K

COL: J. Francis (0-1, 7.11) ARI: B. Webb (2-0, 2.08)

What is wrong with Francis so far this year?  I’ve always thought he was a ‘decent’ pitcher, but I never viewed him as the ace so many made him out to be.  One thing is for sure, I certainly don’t like his chance of picking up his 1st W of the year on the road against Webb.  Francis will have a much improved outing spanning 5+ Innings, giving up 3ER or less, but Webb will be much more dominant and take his 3rd of the year.  

WinnerWebb 8IP – 4ER – 8K

Best of luck tonight and this weekend.  I’ll recap my predictions with my next post.  Until then..  

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  • http://NA Early

    Wow some wacky predictions there. Pick the favs everytime? Is that the MO? And then you claim a 60% success rate. Wacky. Anyone with those stud pitchers is going to have them in the lineup no matter who is the opposing pitcher.

    How about tonight’s Litsch v Padilla match-up make a pick on that one. Or D-Train v Contreras or Livan Hernandez v Meche. Those are some tuffies.

  • http://mopupduty.com/index.php/category/http://mopupduty.com/index.php/category/41st-wraith/ The 41st Wraith

    I stated that some of my picks were obvious. What’s this about a 60% success rate? Here’s a quick run-down of the others you mentioned..

    Litsch over Padilla in a No-Decision; D-Train over Contreas with the W; Meche over Livan with a W.

    Book it,


  • http://NA Early

    Blue Jays coming off an extra inning night game and travelling, that is a good dog pick but maybe a homer pick which I can live with.

    By “riding the favourites”, there is a historical win rate of just under 60%..

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