’41st’ Pod – Thu, May 22 – Jays/Bonds; MLB Rundown

’41st’ Pod – Thu, May 22nd – Jays/Bonds; MLB Rundown


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4 replies on “’41st’ Pod – Thu, May 22 – Jays/Bonds; MLB Rundown”
  1. says: Early

    Good to see some analysis but I have to disagree with most of what is presented here. You start by saying the Jays can’t hit. They have no problem hitting/getting on base. The Jays are 4th in the AL in hits and 4th in the AL in OBP. They outhit the Angels in the last couple games. Hitting isn’t the problem, scoring is. You get to that when you talk about Bonds and why hasn’t JP considered picking him up.

    JP HAS considered picking him up. He is always peppered with questions “Bonds is out there”. And yes, he always say he is not interested. And you say there might be collusion amongst GM’s to not sign Bonds, I agree. But could you cry collusion as to why McGuire, Canseco. Palmeiro do not have jobs anymore? Bonds is a sideshow and Gibbons and Ricciardi have always liked character guys and I beleive them when they say that. Bonds is a ‘character’ but the steroid talk and legal problems would be a distraction that noone wants – Bonds can avoid the media by not playing but as soon as he is in unifrom, he may still not speak, then the burden falls on his teammates, manager and GM, to anwser for him, which isn’t fair.

    As to the the things that Bonds would add to the lineup – is Bonds going to hit with runners on base? Nope Bonds will bring solo home runs and walks. Since 2000 half of Bonds’ RBI’s have been HR’s. So who is going to knock Bonds in? The same guys knocking Stairs, Zaun and Rolen in…noone. You have to go back to 2000 for a full year in which Bonds had more hits than walks and 1999 for a year which he had more RBI’s than hits.

    Past actions will predict future actions, Bonds will bring walks and off field distractions.

  2. says: Early

    Riccidari on Off the Record today. Landsberg jumps right into, “Why isn’t Bonds on the Jays”. Is it TSN’s intent to get Bonds in a Jays uniform? Cam, maybe get them to put a Jays game on tv instead of frig-off poker every night.

  3. says: '41'

    lol.. I saw that on Landsberg too, and it validated what I feel about Bonds. Speaking of ‘valid’, your points about Bonds walking and hitting solo bombs are somewhat credible, but you can’t honestly say he wouldn’t come up with a clutch hit every now and then. With the Jays 4th in the league in hits and getting on base, Bonds, if placed in the right spot, would have runners on more often than not, and would be forced to be pitched to in some circumstances. I’d most certainly prefer him than Wilkerson or Mench in that situation.

    JP can say all he wants about character guys, but at the end of the day, Toronto needs a winner and so does JP to save his job. If my ass was riding on the success of Wilkerson and Mench instead of Bonds, I wouldn’t be too comfortable.

    All that being said, I know it won’t happen, and he won’t come here. I just want the media to blow up and force the topic is all. So in that case, YAY for TSN.


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