Pirates Look To Walk The Plank Again

Pirates Look To Walk The Plank Again…

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates are less than mediocre, and on the surface, it appears they’re content with their standing in the National League.  Rarely are there rumblings of trades involving the Pirates, or that GM Neal Huntington is ready to shell out some coin to land a solid free agent.  It’s understandably tough when there’s only $51 million to work with, but it doesn’t hurt to throw your name in the hat and inquire about certain players.

The constant standstill and inactiveness on part of the Pirates is being noticed by the players and brought to the forefront.  Recently, outfielder Jason Bay, arguably the franchise’s most notable and talented player, voiced his displeasure with the lack of moves the ball club has made.  Should the Pirates endure another losing season, it would be a Major League tying 16th consecutive negative campaign.

No athlete with an ounce of pride and self-respect would be content with just making their money, while living the disappointment that would be an unfortunate historical season.

The Pirates have made one free agent acquisition this off-season, and it makes Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis look like minnows in the ocean…  The Pirates signed utility infielder Chris Gomez to a $1 million dollar contract.  Pennant anyone?

The Pirates are not the only major league ball club having to live with a low budget and average players.  But it’s the internal fight shown by management and the brass up top that display to the fans that there’s hope, and that there’s reason to believe things will get better.  The Pirates haven’t lost the fight just yet, but so far, they’ve failed to even show up for the weigh-in.

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2 replies on “Pirates Look To Walk The Plank Again”
  1. says: Kman

    The Pirates have the cash. They are one of the most profitable teams in the MLB after revenue sharing. Their just cheap F*cks, which pisses me off.

    I’ve given my fandom (so to speak) to the Bucs for years but I may change my tune soon. Instead of signing decent FA’s or beefing up their scouting & signing bonus’ they are pocketing the cash.

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