AA & Jays in Franchise Mode


AA Continues to go for broke, unloading ‘maxed’ out players for future potential.

December Transactions

  • Fred Lewis and Jeremy Accardo had minimal ceilings, and thus are history.
  • McGowan is resigned for a shade above the minimum
  • Mistreated reliever Carlos Villaneva brings upside to the pen, with punch out ability. He struck out 67 in 52 IP last season and could contribute a K per IP if he’s left alone (ie no bouncing around between starting and long & short duty)
  • Marcum below…
  • Analogy

    Have you ever played a multi-season franchise of Madden, MVP Baseball, EA’s NHL Hockey or something similar?

    Think of the Jays team score being around 82 overall, chasing a 90+ New York Yankees team. The Jays can’t compete on payroll budget, so they must bring in as many high potential players as possible.

    Marcum’s probably an 85 overall. The incoming Brett Lawrie is likely a 75 with 90+ potential.

    And that appears to be how AA is building this team. Tools are the new Moneyball

    Going over slot on players such as Dickie Joe Thon and numerous high ceiling international signings are additional ‘proofs’

    90+ Overall

    AA’s looking to field a plethora of 90+ player across the diamond. After the last regime (mid-tier, projectable college players), the prospect of an early 1990’s style Cleveland Indians team full of controllable superstars is attractive to say the least.

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