Bats: I need a DH

Throws: Weakly, mostly knucklers

Born: Toronto, ON

Resides: Toronto, ON

Major-League Comparison to Little League Career: Ken Kaiser

Favourite Team: Blue Jays

Favourite Player Past: George Brett

Least Favourite Player (current): Kevin Youkilis

Best Game Attended In Person: SWB Red Barons vs Buffalo Bisons with Cheap Trick playing at second base instead of extra innings at Dunn Tire Park in Aug, 2002. It was a good one because I was hammered drunk, but I don’t remember the game but it was a good time.

Baseball Book: Green Catherals, Phil Lowry

Favourite Play in Baseball: Pitcher batting with the bases loaded and 2 outs

Favourite Ballpark: Yankee Stadium

Three Unshakable Baseball Beliefs: 1) Hank Aaron is the most underrated player in history 2) NL baseball is a farce for their unwillingness to step into the 20th century and have a DH 3) There is too much going on in baseball all at once, so simple-minded people cannot fathom why it is so slow.

Flavour: Spicy Stewed Pork

Fav Baseball Movie: Cobb

Nerdy baseball obsession/hobby: Cards

Most treasured baseball related possesion: Steve Bowling bat from 1977, maybe first game but that is unsubstantiated — and I don’t really treasure it — not because of its questioned legitimacy mind you.

Player I never saw play I wish I had seen: Babe Ruth, with Ole Satch pitching to him up and in.

Game I never saw I wish I had seen: Jackie Robinson’s First

First ML game: Jays 6, Royals 2, July 1986

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