Adam Dunn Changing his Tune?

Adam should get 500 HR Dunn

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As I was looking over the second half HR leaders, I stopped and doubled checked a line on Adam Dunn. He had a great second half, with a .985 OPS, 16 HR & 48 RBI. What really stuck out was (once again), his SO/BB ratio. We all know that Dunn loves to hack away, as evidenced by his strikeout reputation.

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But now check out his 2007 month by month splits, with special emphasis on his walks & strikeouts.

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The walks went up, that’s pretty plain to see. The ratio was also dramatically improved, with Dunn striking out only four more times than he walked in the second-half. That’s a drastic turnaround. Proving to me that this wasn’t a fluke is the month by month comparison in strikeouts. Counting down we start at April with 32, 41,25,28,23 and finally 16. All the while the walks (again starting in April) go from 14,16,9,19,26, and finish at 14. Granted, he missed time in September, but the trend still exists. The first and second half splits in SO/BB ratio are night and day.

Dunn still has two full seasons until he hits 30 years of age and has hit 40 or more HR in each of the past four seasons. Currently at a 238 HR career mark, 500 is a definite possibility. If he continues on his current path of HR & new found plate discipline, Adam should get it Dunn (har har).

Adam should get 500 HR Dunn

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