Adam Lind for HOF!!!

Adam Lind for HOF!!!


I better man up and honor my bets, so to speak. From yesterday:

Who will this year’s Carlos Delgado be? If Snider or Rolen hit a few in the first few games will they be on pace for MVP seasons according to the Toronto sports media?… Let’s enjoy the success’ while we got’em… Scott, if you knock one out tonight let’s proclaim that your back in your prime. Snider, you can be the Jays all-time HR leader if you get off to a hot start. Being pragmatic is a no-no during opening week.

Which leads me to a few questions:

Let’s say Adam switches teams mid-career. Should he still go into the hall of fame as a Toronto Blue Jay?

As Alain B. pointed out in our comments section yesterday, Lind is on pace for 972 RBI this season. Should he be banned from fantasy leagues, as he’ll obviously win leagues entirely by himself?

Is Barry Bonds record of 120 intentional walks in a season in jeopardy?

To the best of my knowledge there is no players name attached to the seasons RBI crown. Perhaps it should be named the Adam Lind title.

To steal from Callum’s awesome
The Dunedin/Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training Experience: Part 2

Lind Groupies


Will Adam Lind groupies become the norm in the GTA, thus rendering the average Joe cold and alone? Come on, who can compare to Lind’s greatness?

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One reply on “Adam Lind for HOF!!!”
  1. says: Alain B.

    haha I love it the Adam Lind memorial prize. He is such a great DH that we should leave him there be passing the Big Hurt in no time, I expect to seem him break 500HR’s next year.

    Or perhaps the Jays will send him back down since he already has surpassed his major league record from previous year.

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