Adam Lind walks the walk


Oh yeah baby, Adam Lind definitely walks the walk this season.

Last season in right around 350 PA Adam walked 16 times. This season he’s already taken 15 free passes. Adam is seeing almost one pitch more per PA (which is huge), with an average plate appearance consisting of 4.67 pitches vs 3.74 last season.

His 16 BB in 2008 were accompanied by 56 strikeouts. This years 15 BB have only 23 K’s against them.

And this is where we sit. Lind is replacing his previous strikeouts with walks and balls in play. When you put balls in play good things are going to happen. His current BABIP is a robust .375. That’ll be a tough mark to keep but even if he regresses to last seasons .322 BABIP he’ll still be in good shape.

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