All-Time Strikeout Race Results

All-Time Strikeout Race Results


This is an update to an earlier article: The Record No One Wants

Since we last checked in Mark Reynolds was on the cusp (not Cust…) of breaking the all-time single season strikeout record. Trailing closely behind were Ryan Howard and the bad pun, Jack Cust. Well, the results are in and the winner, and NEW all-time strikeout king is…

(the image may have given it away)


Mark Reynolds (the force was not with him in 2008)

In only 152 games Mark struck out 204 times. He walked only 64. His overall strikeout/walk combo is 268 in just over 600 plate appearances. On the plus side he hit 28 HR and drove in 97 runs. His poor on-base skills (.237 avg and .320 obp) attributed to his below average 97 OPS+ score. His fielding was also piss-poor, with a position worst .904 fielding percentage at the hot corner and 33 errors. It was not a good year for Mark Reynolds.

In second with 199 K (tying his 2007 total) is Ryan Howard. With 81 walks Howard’s strikeout/walk combo equals 280 in just over 700 PA. While his average stunk he did knock out 48 HR and drove in 146.

Coming in third is Jack Cust with a tiny 197 K. His strikeout/walk total is 308 in just under 600 PA. That’s a 50%+ chance of a Jack Cust plate appearance ending in a strikeout or walk. Jack had the highest OBP of this group at .375. He hit 33 HR but only drove in 77 in the heart of the A’s lineup.

These three players account for the four highest single season strikeout totals of all-time. (Howard’s 2007 is tied for 2nd)


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