Attention: Dunedin Spring Training Veterans

Blue Jays Spring Training

*Editor’s note:  Extensive spring training guides and coverage can be found at our Dunedin Spring Training Roundup.

I am heading down to Dunedin F-L-A at the end of March to catch the last 2 of the Jays’ Spring Training games.  When I am not marvelling at Ken Takahashi’s meatballs, I need to keep myself occupied.  Idle hands are the devil’s tools, as they say.

I realize I am about a month too late and on the wrong coast for Spring Break activities. Therefore the likelihood of me doing body shots off of college girls is slim, however if there are any activities in the Dunedin/Clearwater Beach/St. Petersburg area in that vein, please throw it down in the comments section.

Where are the best spots to eat?  Like Earl, I do enjoy a good plate of spicey pulled pork and thanks to Keith Law, I now know to check out Big Ed’s – a BBQ shack on Main St. Dunedin just across from the back exit of the Holiday Inn Express’ parking lot. Ed’s is only open on Fridays & Saturdays from 11-6.  Has anyone been and can attest to its greatness?  I also like me some Mexican & Margaritas.  Apparently they are plentiful in Florida?

Where to stay?  I hear that staying near the ballpark is a bad idea because it is a little bit dangerous… (by the way, Dunedin is in no way, shape or form dangerous – it is a quaint little retirement community)

Any good/bad experiences? Please share them in the comments section.

I also like beaches, especially since I have been in a 5 month Ontario deep freeze. Is the water warm enough to swim in?  Am I gonna be dodging syringes if I venture into the water? Where to hit up?  Tourist traps and sights to see are also welcome.  Don’t be shy to leave em in the comments section and I will be forever grateful and give you some internet credit when I do my final write up of the trip. For those in the Zaunbie Nation, yes I will be hitting up Gregg Zaun’s old breakfast haunt “Lenny’s” and can’t wait to tell all about it.  Like Gregg I like breakfast.

I wonder if he will make the commute from Fort Lauderdale to hit it up? I will keep my fingers crossed.


I did end up making it to Spring Training after all. A couple of things to note: Dunedin is not a bad area – very pleasant in fact – and Big Ed’s is not really called Big Ed’s at all. It is called Eli’s and their brisket is delicious. Check out my 2 part series on my 2009 Spring Traing experience here:

Part 1 and Part 2

Update 2:

I also attended in 2010 and was able to delve into the experience that is Spring Training a little more thoroughly.  Eli’s was hit up again, and hard.  The 7-part roundup can be found here.

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One reply on “Attention: Dunedin Spring Training Veterans”
  1. says: Kman

    You wouldn’t want to stay in Dunedin itself. It’s a very small town that’s kinda dumpy.

    Everything is centrally located within about 20 – 30 mins to Tampa. I’d do a hotwire search or expedia for hotels around the clearwater & tampa area.

    Of course you’ll want to check to see if the Phillies (clearwater) or Yankees (Tampa) have any games on those days. You may be able to double up.

    About three years ago I went near the end of spring training and the Rays had an open house at the Trop with Peter Gammons, all of the players, booths, etc. I’d check their website to see if that’s going on.

    To kill time you can also check out minor league spring games. They play them around high school fields. E-mail the respective minor league affiliates for info or contact the Dunedin/Clearwater/Tampa front offices.

    Many locals eat at Cooters in Clearwater beach. I ate there once and it was great. Just make sure to get there early for dinner sittings, as it fills up quickly. (

    “Alright, fine, I’ll ask her. Ma’am, where do all the high school girls hang out around here?”

    For party time just walk down the main strip at the clearwater beach. Plenty of clubs, Doubledown.

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