Baseball Week in Review Nov 9th 2008

Baseball Week in Review Nov 9th 2008


Links of the Week

The Padres picked up a one year Brian Giles option for $9 million. If the Padres choose to opt out it would have cost them $3 mill, so in net sum this was a $6 million signing. I’ve always been a huge Giles fan and I don’t think he get the respect he deserves. The seasons he put up in Pittsburgh were nothing short of amazing. Many cite steroids as the key to his success. I don’t buy this. His doubles stayed consistent, as did his high BB/SO ratio. When watching games you can see that his approach is geared towards hitting line drives, not HR, which is a pretty sound strategy when playing in Petco.

We here at mopupduty love Buck O’Neil (Buck O’Neil Bio). An oldie but a goodie, here is a link to the interview that spawned many great quotes, the PBS Ken Burns Baseball Buck O’Neil Transcript.

Shout outs to The Blue Jay Hunter, Out of Left Field, The Southpaw and Ghostrunner on First for helping us promote our new site look & our Best Jays Hair article.

Speaking of Ghost Runner on First, check out their awesome post (anything with an Ike Turner images has to be great) I didn’t mean it Adam Lind.

The Southpaw presented The Ever Popular Prospect List this week, listing the top 25 Toronto Blue Jays prospects. I gotta give them credit, this isn’t the typical blogger’s prospect list where they basically follow Baseball American 1 – 10. There are enjoyable few surprises in the rankings.

I’m going to avoid trade rumor links. All of the Peavy , CC , Burnett rumors are border-lining on masturbation at this point. That said, we do have a link to the 2009 MLB Free Agent List. Week in Review

Speediest GIDP Leaders of 2008

Arizona Fall League Update (4th Week featuring Scott Campbell, Casey Fien, Tyler Flowers, etc)

The Best Hair in Blue Jays History

2008 Willie Mays Hayes Award

Let Zaun Walk?

Best Hair in Blue Jays History: Video Edition

Graphical View:


YouTube Videos of the Week

1. Buck O’Neil serenades our ears with his rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

[youtube Yxf000X5G_8]

2. And in case you missed it, our new Blue Jays Best Hair Ever video set to Journey you can do so now.

[youtube 3mQWbgi4xbc]
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