Baseball’s Hottest Wives

Baseball’s Hottest Wives


After reading Callum’s Jose Lima articles and checking out Stephanie McGwire (Mark McGwire’s wife) over at Baseball Central, I began to start thinking about how lucky baseball players are that they can slay any woman they want and how I am cold and lonely with my only friends being Jack Daniel and Captain Morgan. Without further adieu, my list of Baseball’s hottest wives.

Curt and Shonda Schilling

Shonda Schilling

Curt Schilling’s wife, Shonda

The wives of Mark Kotsay, Mark Ellis and Eric Chavez

Jamie Kotsay

Mark Kotsay’s wife, Jamie

Frank Thomas and his wife Megan

Frank Thomas and his wife Megan

Debbie Clemens
Debbie Clemens
Roger Clemens' wife Debbie

Roger Clemens’ wife, Debbie

Johnny Damon's wife
Johnny Damon's wife
Johnny Damon's wife
Johnny Damon's wife

Johnny Damon’s wife, don’t know her name.. but it doesn’t matter!

…and now last, but certainly not least…..Mark McGwire’s super hot wife Stephanie…

Stephanie McGwire
Stephanie McGwire
Stephanie McGwire

What are your personal favourites among baseball player’s wives? Let us know in the comments section!!

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Jose and Melissa Lima

Greinkie’s Chick

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  • jennifer

    MELISSA LIMA DEFINATELY!! she’s not only hot but she’s a total sweetheart.

  • Early

    Is that Johnny Damon’s original wife or the one he got when he became a caveman in Fenway?

  • chris

    all blonde bimbos with big tits. you guys don’t know what a beautiful woman is, nor would you ever deserve one.
    also nice use of a violent word to describe how baseball guys can get any woman they want. yr mired in misogyny. you sux. grow up.

  • I don’t know what that last comment means, but If misogyny means big tits — I am all for it!

  • Joey

    Yeah, if you’re into silicon they’re beautiful women

  • You forgot uber tramp Anna Benson

  • No fan of Rog

    Rog’s wife looks pretty buff. Look and that thigh. How a woman like that could use HGH is beyond me. She’d be hot without the needles.

  • use a rubber

    Didn’t Jose Lima give a groupie herpes? As for his wife, some women will do anything for money.

    • tbone

      yes its true almost every white woman marries for money all they care about is being filthy rich thats why the average american man looks out of the country for example the phillipines for a wife they were brought up with values and morals

  • kris

    None of these women have any butt, it’s all boobs. Do some squats you lazy bimbos.They look fake.
    Most of the guys are ugly so we all know that they married them for their fame & money.
    They all look the same just the girls in LA.
    I also can tell Clemons wife was using HGH, I’ve seen enough people out here in LA on it & you can see it in her face by the way her stomach looks compared to her non muscular leg.
    See guys all long as you have money you can have any of these gold digging bimboes & with these women their looks are not going to last unless you like that artificial tight face look when they get older.
    Sela Ward is a hot woman at the age of 50

  • Ed

    They’re ALL VERY HOT…..

  • JG

    Almost all rich black men, whether sports, media, or business, have hot white wives. This must piss black women off. But it also says something about them, doesn’t it?

  • kzurski

    says something about who? the black men who like the white women? or the white women who will whore themselves for the money?

    • tbone

      almost all white woman care about is money they dont care what a guy looks like the personality all they care about is being filthy rich thats the white womans american way!

  • steve

    All these babses are babealicious! As far as they’re looks not lasting, you’re right! That’s when you trade them in for a newer model!! Hahahha! I love all the women who right in that are clearly jealous. Fake tits, nose jobs, lypo, botox; I love it all as long as they stay looking that good!

  • peter

    If the presence of cosmetic chemicals (silicone, etc) in these pics is any indication, the performance enhancing ones can’t be too far behind.

  • Mick

    Tit`s and a body and great looks………………but can`t clean or cook
    bet they all have maids that cook,….and their all latin or black.

  • Tim

    i remember that David wells had a hot wife but i can not find a pic of her on the internet – anyone scoop one up?

  • ryan

    Kotsay’s wife gives me a boner.

  • Mick

    Lynne Palmeiro is a classic MILF. I’m sure she reaped the rewards of Raffy’s potent mix of Viagra and steroids.

  • Roger Lee

    Clearly these guys have no imagination — black, white whatever– they all want the same blonde bimbo type.

  • Juan Rey

    “Almost all rich black men, whether sports, media, or business, have hot white wives. This must piss black women off. But it also says something about them, doesn’t it?”

    JG It says something about the black men or black women ?

  • YankeeInMD

    “Almost all rich black men, whether sports, media, or business, have hot white wives. This must piss black women off. But it also says something about them, doesn’t it?”

    One thing it might say is that in that social strata (wealth) you’ll be around more white women than any other type. But, the one immutable link in all this is MONEY!

  • Anonymous

    These women are nothing but blonde bimbos. And got news for their husbands…Gravity eventually takes affect..And yes, it even affects the fake.

  • The other woman

    Clemens’ wife is nasty, and well karma, my friend…doesn’t matter what you look like, there will always be another woman trying to take your place. Try marrying for love….

  • HGH

    Can you say trophy wife?

    • tbone

      yes you are right they are a prize to show off to the american man look what i got!

  • Jamie Kelly

    Nick Swisher’s girlfriend should be up there…now she is HOT

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  • Katrina Ray


  • aaron

    frank thomas wife is hot, so is Tim Raines wife, and david wells wife

  • scott

    not into the silicone chicks, but there are alot of hot natural wives too..start digging for us

  • paul

    there are many HOT wives without implants, thats all you dudes focus on…start digging.

  • just a girl who actually has a brain

    Frank’s wife isn’t what you guys are talking about…I know her personally…and she is a sweetheart…and she actually loves him…not for the money either cause we all know that eventually (and probably soon) he won’t be playing anymore…and she is beautiful, inside and out…

    • tbone

      hope your right but the average american believes its the love of the dollar bill!

  • Although Alyssa Milano is not currently dating an mlb players, but she should be up on this list… She dated Brad Penny, Russell Martin (just to name a few)…

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  • Check this site to see the best list of hottest baseball wives. It’s awesome.

  • Gary Newte

    Please update….Brandon League’s (Mariners) wife Alicia is H-O-T

    • brandon’s wife is named sasha not alicia

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  • douknowhoiam

    ya ya! trophy wives and allit still wouldn’t hurt all that much with what the guyz have in their portfolio’s…lol all the way 2 ‘da bank!

  • bill

    I’m just depressed.

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  • Joe

    Find some actually hot wives..not average chicks with fake boobs.

  • Modman11957

    Zack’s chick,hot. Roger and mark,roid monsters,wive’s less attractive because of the company they keep

  • Kensurf

    I think Johnny’s 2nd wife, but he can afford the fake boobies…

  • Kensurf

    Met Frank Thomas last week, great guy, the real deal…Johnny Damon’s wife is Michelle and I could fall in love too, real or fake titties….