Big Hurt a Jay?

If the rumours are indeed true, then Frank Thomas is about to become the Toronto Blue Jays latest acquisition. The rumour mill is also saying a 2-3 year contract at $10 mil per season. With Ricciardi saying he has approximately $12 million to spend on this years payroll (Ted Roger’s increase not included), this signing would take up most of that wriggle room with still holes that need to be filled: a SS or 2B, 2 SP (with Lilly wanting $9 mil a year for 4 years), a setup man and one Catcher (hopefully studly Zaun).

So, since we all know that pitching and defense win championships, JP should know this is not the way to go. Although a middle of the order consisting of Overbay/Wells/Thomas/Glaus is scary, whats even more scary is the back end of a rotation that consists of Chacin, Marcum and a………. Towers? Not to mention .200 Johnny Mac playing up the middle. If Molina is gone, it won’t take long for Jays fans to remember him after watching the Big Hurt drag his old Hurtin’ body around the basepaths. While the prospect of the Big Hurt mashing balls out of the SkyDome in 2007 excites me, there are just too many other holes that need to be filled instead.

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3 replies on “Big Hurt a Jay?”
  1. says: Kman

    Yep. As I was saying to you earlier, the Jays shouldn’t blow their load.

    I love Big hurts numbers, but I don’t like the injury risk–i’m not 100% sold on dome grass/turf or other injuries–, he has the numbers but I’d prefer a $350,000 lind getting a shot and add a pitcher, starter or relief.

    If Hill is moving back to SS, they’re going to lose some D, plus they’ll still have to get a 2nd baseman through the FA or a trade.

    I’d deal Lind right now for a solid pitching prospect or a middle of the rotation guy.

    With the age, the Jays have to get something done in 2007 or 2008.

  2. says: Early

    The Big Hurt should be good if he isn’t hurt big time. But I am a little confused by this. $10mil for a bat when Jays need arms and gloves. Maybe JP has been reading my articles. I am with Kman saying that Lind or those boys can do this, probably not to the tune of 40hr 125RBI.

    This could be JP posturing. With this he took away alot of Oakland’s meagre scoring power, Oakland’s hitting was just below league average last year. We have seen the Yanks and Sox do this the last few years, “I give him the big bucks so the other guys don’t get him.” It is the furthest thing from MoneyBall you can do. Does this up the ante for Oak, Bos, NYY to go after more power in the way of Bonds. Bonds in Pinstripes?? they just dumped $18mil in Sheff.

  3. says: Kman

    Why would JP care about Oakland in the AL West? No offense at all, but I’m sure JP, Beane and the others have far more advanced stats to look at than you or I.

    Oakland’s ballpark–mostly the huge foul ground– make the A’s have to play a defensive game. Take a look at the park averages over the last few years, they’re always going to be at or below average in hitting.

    Otherwise, i’m with your first paragraph.

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