Blue Jays Wives & Girlfriends

Blue Jays Wives & Girlfriends

Mr X with JP

*Editor’s Note:  Spurred on by the success of the “Baseball’s Hottest Wives”  and “Top 10 Derek Jeter Bimbos” posts, our resident sleuth Mr. X  (more of Mr. X’s work can be found here) went into deep cover to find out what kind of wives and girlfriends your favourite Jays are pulling in.  The expressed opinions of Mr. X are those of Mr. X alone and do not necessarily reflect those of Mop Up Duty.  Mr. X chooses to remain anonymous for the reason that should he be identified, it will compromise his ability to provide Mop Up Duty readers with the most intimate and cutting edge news stories.  We at Mop Up Duty sincerely hope you are not offended by the contents of Mr. X’s posts.

Let’s begin shall we? It has been almost 2 years since I have graced the (web)pages of this fine website with my factually concrete reports.  Rest assured MUD readers, I have been busy with this particular project.  Weaselling my way into the  Blue Jays’ family circle of trust in a way that even JP Ricciardi would be proud of, I bring to you Toronto Blue Jays Wives & Girlfriends.  In the interest of maintaining confidentiality and not wanting to be a total dick (okay, I just don’t want to burn any bridges) I will not be displaying the names of the ladies.  I’ll begin with current Jays (Alex Rios excepted).

Scott Richmond:

Ricky Romero is dating Miss USA winner Rima Fakih:

Moving on.  He’s not a full on Blue Jay yet but…..

Kyle Drabek is single and on the loose.  Now is your chance to scoop him up on the ground level.

John Buck and his wife.

Jeremy Accardo with his wife Carly Lind.  She is the daughter of Rogers Vice-Chairman Phil Lind.

Dustin McGowan and his absolutely stunning wife.

David Purcey with wifey.

Jose Bautista & his hot babe.

The Frasors.

Aaron Hill’s main squeeze.

Adam Lind is now married and has started a family.  Above is his wife, Lakeysha.

You know I wish that I had Jesse’s girl.  Jesse Litsch’s girlfriend Andrea.

Dirk Hayhurst’s battery mate.

Happy Halloween Shaun Marcum!

Mrs. Overbay.
Vernon Wells’ “rock.”

The woman who must grow tired of nursing Scotty Downs back to health.

From L to R: The spouses of Joe Inglett and Scott Downs.

The spouses of Shawn Camp and Jason Frasor.

The wives of Lyle Overbay, Scott Downs & Roy Halladay.

Batista, Rios, League, Camp, Frasor.

Now we move into the fringe.  The following group consists of Jays prospects, Former Jays & Jays managers.

Current Milwaukee Brewer Joe Inglett on his honeymoon.

This lady is obviously a woman of many talents to land a stud such as Kelly Gruber.

Roy Halladay’s better half.

Signed out of the World Baseball Classic, Jays prospect Leon Boyd lean-ons this smily esposa.

AJ Burnett and his wife.  She is real chummy with Brandon League’s wife as you can see here.

Tom Candiotti’s life partner.


Brandon League’s party girl wife.


I wonder if this is the girl who lived in the high rise where Alex threw stones to get her attention? Hola Alex!!

Despite being infected by Billy Koch’s Morgellon’s Syndrome, Koch’s wife still keeps him grounded. You know it is true love.

The wife of Shannon Stewart.

Former Jay and current Barrie Baycat Paul Spoljaric poses with his tag team partner.

Mike Timlin’s soul mate.

Josh Towers’ wife.  A prime candidate for the Hot Chicks with Douchebags website.

Not really a wife picture, but I couldn’t pass up posting a picture of John Gibbons enjoying a special moment with his family many years ago.

Shea Hillenbrand’s wife who is a big animal person, just like Shea!

Troy Glaus and his horse-riding wife.

The Millars.

Last but certainly not least, the wife of fan favourite Eddie Zosky!

Check back tomorrow when I post pics of leftover wives that I found during my intensive research… if that is your thing.

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  • This post is amazing.
    I want to see Mrs. Glaus!!

  • Ian

    Another great reason to be a fan of Jason Frasor!

  • I don’t know what that’s funny, but it is.

  • That is to say why that’s funny. Do you think illiterate girls could be paid to ride horses too?

  • She’s already riding a horse in Troy Glaus! Wait, what?

  • I’m with Ian; Frasor did well for himself. R-Zep, too.

  • X

    I hear Frasor’s wife is a bitch.

    • friend

      “X”, You’re SOOOO very wrong!
      She is one of the sweetest girls i’ve ever met! She has a heart of gold.

    • sam

      She is a bitch! I know her rather well unfortunately. She was the one in high school who walked around acting like her shat don’t stink.
      Not a pleasant or nice person at all.

      • Friend2

        She is the best! She would do anything for anyone. I don’t know who you are or what your deal is but you seem to be the real bitch, saying mean and hurtful things about others that simply are NOT true. Get a life.

  • In the A-Jay days, Karen Burnett was a mystery. And then I see her in US Weekly with Kate Hudson. Interesting.

    Brandy Halladay is endlessly adorable.

  • Ian

    Brandy Halladay is a saint.

  • Brandy Halladay is my favourite, hands down.

  • Early

    Is Rios’ woman the one the gave him HIV? The virus that leads to AIDS.

  • Ian

    Joanna, now that you mention it I finally clued in about that Kate Hudson pic from a few weeks ago with Sabathia’s, Damon’s and Burnett’s wives all sitting in the front row on the third base side. I just assumed they were Kate’s gal pals. Good to see that Karen Burnett gets out and about every once in a while.

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  • Emili

    i love sasha league! awesome lady right there. and adorable little girls 🙂

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  • xxatarisxx

    That is NOT a picture of Billy Koch’s wife, nor does she or he have Morgellan’s.. try Lyme disease idiot

  • Lisa Spoljaric

    Had to laugh when I was scanning the web for a project we are doing and came across this page –

  • BJWifeStalker

    Thanks for the update!! 😀

  • A

    Did you find anything about Travis Snider?

  • jenni

    is bautista still with his girlfriend?

    • Nick-O

      Yea José is still with his gf. I left a comment sayin she is my cousin. But he is awesome. They’ve been together since he played for pirates and their AA team in altoona PA. So over 3 yrs I think off top of my head. Maybe longer. You a José fan?

  • Jo

    Some good research you’ve done here. The moral of the story: It doesn’t matter if you are extremely ugly, if you make millions, you can land any wife.

  • LJ

    Wow, the comments here are almost as bad as http://talk-*****.com/ . Stay classy, Toronto cleat-chasers.

  • Nick-O

    José Bautistas Hot Babe, just happens to be my cousin. And myself coming from a single mother family w/ no brothers or sisters, I became very close to 4 of my cousins. So I’m closer to her than an average cousin. And so happy she is with José, got to hang out with him various times like holidays & misc. And he is an excellent guy and awesome to hang out with for those who may wonder. Very humble about blowing up with 54 HR’s tho, I’m more excited than he is I think haha jk

  • Uncle

    the Frasor’s look like a good happy family

  • Spanky!

    This is ancient you guys suck, well unless you have an updated cica?

    • Spanky!

      circa, lol.


    • ink

      LOL…he loves big black boooty

  • taz

    Kelly Gruber was married before to a Canadian girl but it did not work out. He was very bitter when the Blue Jays traded him to the Angels. He had knee surgery mid season. Pat Gillick/Paul Beeston tipped off that Gruber was water
    skiing in the Muskoka. They went and saw this for themselves & then Kelly was traded.