Book Review: Satchel Sez

Book Review: Satchel Sez


This “book” and I use the term book loosely, is a small size format snapshot primarily focussing on quotes and photographs to illustrate Paige’s career. While much of this content can be found elsewhere, it is convenient & fun to have it collected all within one place.

A sample trivia page (one of two in the book)

Picture 3.png

The author has created a three minute YouTube video which acts as a substitute to the book itself, including much of the book’s text.

[youtube IW_DhVCgb-8]

While I won’t delve too far into the content, a good free alternative (minus the photos) to the book can be found in the way of Satchel Paige Quotes over at the Baseball Almanac. Satchel Sez is a good way to kill an hour if you’re out & about or stuck in traffic (the book can be scrunched into a pocket) and not much more. I’d still give it a slight recommendation due to the pure entertainment value of Satchel’s wacky quotes.

This book isn’t’ available ‘new’ at Amazon but a number of their affiliate booksellers are charging a reasonable $4.99 a copy. If you click on the book’s cover at the top of the article, you’ll be sent to a in-book preview.

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