Brandon League Best AL Reliever at…

Brandon League Best AL Reliever at…

Brandon League is one of those guys that always irks me. He has some nasty, nasty, stuff, yet at times he can be inconsistent. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to see that he’s tied as the AL’s best in

Inherited Runners Scored Percentage

This season Brandon has inherited 14 base runners. And only two have come around to score. This gives him a IR scored rate of 14%. This score is tied with other pitchers (Wheeler, Betancourt and Zumuya) as the best percentage in the American League.

5.45 ERA aside, Brandon has been Jays best option to bring in with runners on this season. Second on the club is Scott Downs, with a 30% rate, which of course is more than double League’s. Third is Jesse Carlson at 31% and fourth is the great Jason Frasor, at 43%.

This season League’s been unlucky. His real ERA (5.45) is 1.64 runs higher than his FIP (fielder independent ERA) which is 3.81. This is the highest differential on the Jays staff. If Brandon can continue to throw exactly as he has to this point we should expect to see his ERA shrink as the season continues.

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