Brian Roberts Ditch the Switch

Brian Roberts Ditch the Switch


A recent article by esteemed college Calum led to me pouring over some 2007 splits data. At the time I didn’t really have any particular focus. I eventually zeroed in on the split data of switch hitters.
After looking into things, I came to the conclusion that all-star Brian Roberts should “Ditch the Switch”.

2007 Splits


2005 – 2007 Collected Splits


Big, big difference in splits here, on both a one and three year level.

The only thing that saves his left-handed OPS is his ability to draw walks. Batting Average and isolated power really take a hit when Roberts is batting from the left side of the plate. With this being the case (and taking into account that the BB is his only saving grace) Roberts should attempt batting right handed vs a right handed pitcher in 2008 spring training. The key to look for initially would be his BB/SO ratio. If he can maintain his current ratio against righties as a right-handed batter, then there is really no reason for him to continue switch hitting. A full season would give us a decent look at what he can do, and to see if he can up his power output.

Factor’s working against this are namely his age, baseball experience and his daddy. Yep, his daddy. See Brian’s dad is the former head coach of UNC and purportedly had Brian switch hitting from day one.

I’m not holding my breath but it would be in Robert’s and the Orioles best interest to at least give this a shot in 2008.

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5 replies on “Brian Roberts Ditch the Switch”
  1. says: Early

    Roberts is one of the laziest players in the AL. He is probably too stubborn to realise he shouldn’t bat righty. Even though he will save himself those valuable couple of steps that he doens’t even want to take.

  2. says: Kman

    That’s a good point I never even considered. Batting lefty gives him a big advantage out of the box. Another reason to give up batting righty. Good call.

  3. says: Anne

    Brian Roberts? Lazy?! HAHAHAHAHA! THat’s ridiculous. He’s widely known as one of the hardest working players around. He lead the AL in stolen bases last year for crying out loud! Miguel Tejada? Check. Melvin Mora? more often than not. Aubrey Huff? He’s lazy about everything except getting drunk and watching porn if you believe what he says on the radio. Ramon Hernandez? KING of lazy. But I watch nearly every Orioles game and Brian Roberts has been one of our least lazy players for his entire career. If he were lazy, that little matter of getting his elbow ripped apart would have ended his career. He worked his tail off to come back so he could be one of the few on his lousy team who even tries.

    As for the not switch hitting, I agree he should give it a try (although I believe he may have at some point and turning around and dealing with sliders tailing away from you when you’ve never seen that before in your life is probably harder than non-MLB players think), but I think you got right handed and left handed mixed up at least once in there. 😉

  4. says: Early

    So, Anne, are you saying that Brian Roberts isn’t lazy when compared to a team of chronic underachievers? Even when compared to these corpses of Orioles he is still lazy.

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