Buffalo Bisons Giveaways 2008

Buffalo Bisons Giveaways 2008

Buffalo Bisons 2008 Baseball

This goes out to the 1% of those that may hit up a Bisons game in 2008.

In the past the Bisons promotions have been few and far between, at least when judged against those of minor league organizations.This season’s collection probably ranks as the best in the past three or four years, with a handful of great giveaways. The official promotion schedule: Buffalo Bisons 2008 Giveaway Promotional Schedule

Some of the highlights;

Offerman Stadium – August 20th

The top giveaway of 2008 is an Offerman Stadium Replica, on August 20th at 7:05. Home of the Buffalo Baseball from 1924 up until the 1960. Here’s a photo


To give a feel of the reproduction here’s a couple of photos of the past two seasons replica’s

War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo


Dunn Tire Park


Hat Day – July 7th

Peter Pan Hat Day will probably be the heaviest attended of the promotions. A nice looking Bisons hat with a small logo on the side = great promotion. Remember what I said about an hour before game time. Well, double that for the yearly hat giveaway. July 7th at 7:05.

Ryan Garko Bobblehead – August 6th


Gotta love the Garko Bobblehead. Ryan played in Buffalo for a couple of seasons at first and behind the plate. Only 4000 of these are being given away so get to the park an hour and a half early.

Weekly Promotion:

Monday’s (cheap night):

Usually sparsley attended, the Monday discount is a great value. $7 can get you within a few rows of home plate and the discounted food in the way of popcorn and ice cream (recommended) is a nice bonus. Yet the ultimate discount on this day is usually unadvertised. Head over to Pettibones grill, which is within the ballpark (which can be entered hours before gametime) for discount jumbo chicken wings and $2 – $3 beer. The beer is about half price inside Pettibones for duration of the entire game and offers a great view of the field. So head on in to pick up a pint.

Thursday – Afternoon games (Business man thursday):

The Business man’s game on Thursday is primarily a gimmick. The get away games do take place in the afternoon but the news and the financial info is sparse at best. Converting the left-field board or adding a stock ticker to the big screen would be a prudent addition.

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  1. says: Callum

    I doubt the Thursday Business Man’s gimmick would go over well in Buffalo since there are no business men to speak of. But it would be a good place to retire.

  2. says: Dan

    Thanks for the heads up about Bisons promotions! I will be there for The Offerman Stadium replica give away for sure!

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