Caitlin Lowe

Caitlin Lowe

Caitlin Lowe

Caitlin Lowe is the new Jennie Finch.

Caitlin Lowe

Caitlin Lowe is the current Centre fielder and leadoff hitter for the Arizona Wildcats and recently played in the Women’s College World Series. This blonde haired (Chris, don’t kill me!) green-eyed First Team All American is only 5′ 5″ tall but plays the game like a giant. In the College World Series, there was a sure home run hit by the other team and just as the ball was going over the fence Lowe comes into the picture in a full dive, trying to catch the softball. It hit off her glove as she belly flopped onto the fence and tumbled over it, yet this play exemplifies her style – all out.

Caitlin Lowe

2006 Led Arizona to its seventh NCAA National Championship
Named to All-Women’s College World Series team
First-team All-American
Top 10 Finalist for USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year
All Pacific Regions Honors
First Team All Pac 10
2005 Silver medalist at the Japan Cup, hit 313(5-16) with three runs
Silver medalist at the World Cup, hit 417 (5-12) with three runs
First Team All-American
All Pacific Regions Honors
First Team All Pac 10
Top 3 Finalist for USA Softball Collegiate
Player of the Year Ended the season with a record high 510 season batting average
2004 Member of USA Schutt Elite Team at Canada Cup and Champions Cup, hit 404 (23-57) with a team-high 16 runs
Top 10 Finalist for USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year
Second for Arizona in batting average at .437
First team All-American
Pac 10 Newcomer of the Year
First team All Pac 10 and Pacific Region
USA Softball Player of the Week
2003 First-team All-League, All-County, All-State, All-CIF, All-American (2000,2001, 2002, 2003)
Orange County ‘Player of the Year’
Led Foothill High School to League Championship (2001, 2002, 2003)
2002 ASA Gordon’s Panthers 18-under Gold Runner-up
2001 All-League MVP; Foothill High School Team MVP
2000 Second-team All-CIF
Led Foothill HS to CIF, State and National Championship titles

Caitlin Lowe & Natasha Watley

€¢ Good Luck Charm: Necklace
€¢ Place you dream to vacation: Hawaii
€¢ Late night snack: Del Classic Chicken Burrito
€¢ Favorite Movie: ‘Old School’
€¢ Pet you would love to have: Black Lab
€¢ Actress to play you in a movie: Jessica Biel

Caitlin Lowe
€¢ Three people you would love to have dinner with: Will Smith, Chris Rock, Derek Jeter
€¢ Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids
€¢ Pre-game ritual: Listening to Music
€¢ Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere with a beach
€¢ Favorite Place to Shop: Nordstroms
€¢ Favorite TV Show: ‘Friends’
€¢ Comment on the balance of life and softball: ‘Softball is huge part of my life, but there are also more
important things.’
€¢ Favorite Softball Moment: Winning CIF Freshman Year
€¢ Born on February 6, 1985
€¢ Family: Mom- Dawn, Dad- Dave, Sisters- Whitney, Paige, McKenna, Brother- Tanner

Caitlin Lowe

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19 replies on “Caitlin Lowe”
  1. says: Dman

    blond haired green eyed people born on the 6th of Feb always turn out to be major studs.

  2. says: Kevin

    Womens softball is so much more entertaining than mens basebase becuase they play with intesity and have so much fun. I still remmeber last year when Lowe scored a run the excitment and enjoyment the players showed afterwards. Are all the college games this fun for the girls?

  3. says: Taylor

    Caitlin Lowe is my girl. She always plays with everything she has. My dream is to meet her one day. She is the best center fielder Mike Candrea can have.

  4. says: Robert

    Caitlin Lowe, Vicki Galindo, Cat Osterman…. Why would guys want to watch baseball. Softball is where it is at. Babes and talent. In fact most college women’s sports are like that. Check out Volleyball sometime.

  5. says: Anna

    Caitlin is pretty and awesome!!! I agree with people who say that she’s the next Jennie Finch. Both of them are really pretty and really nice and good softball players. If she was originally a blond, she dyes her hair quite a bit. When I met her at a Jennie Finch Softball Camp, she must have recently dyed her hair because it was far from blond. Pretty much black.

  6. says: Genevieve

    Yeah, she does die her hair alot. It has been auburn, dark brown, blond and another brown. I personally loved the auburn. And I completely agree with every one who said something good about her or college softball. Nothing gets better then it. It is such a bummer that they took it out of the olympics. God Caitlin rox, she can hit, baserun, and field like nobodys buisness. Her slap hit is always perfect and then her steal guarantee her a spot on base. There is nothing you can say about her fielding but WOW. It sometimes seems unfair to the other team when she takes a homerun from over the fence. But U of A is the best so i can’t feel to bad. We all love you, Caitlin, and know you will kick butt with the USA team. Go #26!!!

  7. says: Erynne

    Caitlin Lowe is my idol. I wanna play like her when I (hopefully) get the chance to play in the Olympics when I’m older.
    Number TwoSix Rocks ;D

  8. says: beth

    Does anyone know where to buy a Caitlin Lowe jersey or tshirt? My niece REALLY wants one. Caitlin is her favorite player!!

  9. says: Are Sea

    Would you like a Team USA or Arizona jersey? t-shirt? I spend a lot of time sitting outside her house and going through her garbage so maybe I could pick one up.

  10. says: chria

    i’d love to by one to for my daughter, she is a huge caitlin lowe fan and i havent been able to find anything for her.

  11. says: Jen

    I was getting ready to put a jersey on Ebay and saw your post! I have a Arizina Jersey with Caitlin’s name adn number on the back. My daughter got one from us and one fromn her Grandma for her birthday…so we decided to try and sell it. We paid $69 for it..still has the tags on it. I will sell it for $49 plus shipping. Are you interested? I can email you a picture if you can provide your email address.

  12. says: Mary Herrera


    I would love to buy the Arizonia Jersey with Caitlin’s name and number on the back. Please contact me at the Email address above.


    P.S. My granddaughter’s birthday is coming up and that is something she really wants.

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