Cheaters in the Hall of Fame

As much juice Barry Bonds or Raffy Palmeiro and Sammy and BigMac took they all deny taking anything banned by MLB or illegal in the USA.

There is a recent HOFer who admittedly cheated.  He took every advantage and was a sneaky charachter on the mound.  He won 300 games and played on some terrible Indians and Mariner teams.  He is the only player is MLB history with this first name.  He spat on the ball, he rubbed Vasoline on the ball he kept tumb tacks in his glove and cut the ball. 

He is not Pete Rose or Joe Jackson. 



The bad rap that gamblers and juicers are getting are compareable to Gaylord Perry’s spit balls and vasoline balls etc. 

Let’s discuss…why is someone who cheats on the field a “quirky” HOFer and those who cheat in the gym or bookmakers crooked and permanently excluded from HOF.  The leading hitter of all time and one of only 3 lifetime +.350 hitters are not in the HOF.  Travesty.

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3 replies on “Cheaters in the Hall of Fame”
  1. says: KMan

    I don’t think people link the unexpected to happen. It makes them feel as if they were almost lied to. An example outside of baseball would be JFK
    & Clinton. Everyone knew that JFK had women on the side, but when Clinton was caught with other women all hell broke loose. For JFK it was almost “cool”.
    Baseball fans reacted the same way to Perry.

  2. says: johnny

    they should have a cheater’s hall of fame in Cooperstown.Put all the cheaters in there.Pete Rose,Mark McGuire,Joe Jackson,Rafeal Palmeiro,and all the rest.

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