Cito’s Historical Use of the Bullpen in Inter-League Play


Cito didn’t look to comfortable working a bullpen this past week, did he? All told the Jays went 4 – 2. Still, the Jays pen was so depleted towards the end that Richmond had to man up (kudos BTW) and pitch two days after throwing eight innings. And Romero had to throw 118 pitches yesterday. The wheel’s started to turn in that ole’ noggin of mine, stopping on the question: How did Cito use the pen last season in inter-league play?

In 2008 Cito was at the helm for six National League games (Gibby handled the first three). The Jays were 3-3 during this time, putting Cito’s combined NL park inter-league record at 7 – 5.

Jays at Pirates Series

Game 1: Pirates win 1 – 0 in 12 IP

Doc didn’t allow a run but was only kept in the game for 96 pitches and seven innings. Five relievers were used, although the game did go twelve innings.

Game 2: Pirates Win 6 – 3

The second game was a six inning performance by Litsch. He pitched poorly, allowing six earned runs in six innings. (80 pitches). Camp was the only reliever used, throwing two innings in the lose.

Game 3: Jays win 8 – 5

McGowan earned a win in the third game, allowing 9 hits but only 3 ER over 5 IP. From there Cito sent four relievers to the hill in the nine inning win.

Jays at Phillies Series

Game 4: Phillies win 10 – 3

In the fourth affair Purcey was rocked, allowing 8 ER in 3 IP. Only two relievers were called upon the rest of game, Litsch for 3 IP and Tallet for 2 IP.

Game 5: Jays win 6-3

Burnett allowed only 2 ER in 6.1 IP and was pulled after 106 pitches. Three relievers were then used in the victory.

Game 6: Jays win 6-5

I don’t really want to count the final game of our six game sample. It included two rain delays, which forced starter Shawn Marcum out of the game after one inning. On the plus side this is the game where Doc came in and pitched 2.1 Manly IP a mere three days after throwing 105 pitches. Doc is the man!

Half-Ass Stats

After throwing out game six, the Jays used 15 relievers in 5 games, for an average of 3 per game. Nothing out of the ordinary here. The high pitch count was 106 by AJ Burnett. He was the only Jay starter to throw over 100 pitches in our sample.


From this questionable 2008 study Cito doesn’t appear to quick to pull the trigger to the pen. Perhaps the 2009 stint has just been a case of too many extra inning affairs.

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