Collected: Free 2008 Sabermetric Projection Systems

Free 2008 Sabermetric Projection Systems

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The 2008 fantasy baseball season is right around the corner! We’ve gone about and collected a number of direct links to the top three free 2008 sabermetric/stat projection systems. While none of these are perfect, they act as a good tool and support system to anyone’s fantasy baseball rankings.

These files are in csv format. You’ll need a spreadsheet program like Excel or the free Open Office to read and manipulate the data.

ZIPS Sabermetric Projection System 2008

2008 ZiPS Projections for Microsoft Excel

Chone Sabermetric Projection System 2008

Chone Pitcher Projections Latest Update

Chone Hitter Projections Latest Update

Marcel Sabermetric Projection System 2008

Marcel Batting Forecast 2008 in Google Docs

Marcel Pitcher Forecast 2008 in Google Docs

Zipped File Version of Batter/Pitcher Marcel Data

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