Daisuke Matsuzaka First Appearance Live Notes

Daisuke Matsuzaka First Appearance Live Notes


Daisuke Matsuzaka Boston Red Sox


I caught Daisuke Matsuzaka first spring training appearance on mlb.tv tonight, and here are a few of my live notes.

His line: 25 Pitches, 19 Strikes, 2 IP, 1 Hit, 3K

  • This start was against Boston College, a team that is used to using aluminum as opposed to wood bats.
  • Of his three strikeouts, two were called on fastballs way out of the zone. I guess it’s spring training for the
    umps as well.
  • Matsuzaka threw mostly curveballs, ranging from 74 – 80 MPH. His fastball topped out at 92 MPH, and was generally within the 90 – 92 range.


It’s far too early to tell anything from this appearance, but I felt that his stuff wasn’t too spectacular and his line was certainly influenced by some suspect umpiring. But again, it’s his first start, so let’s see what happens next time out.

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