Deck McGuire : Toronto Blue Jays 1st Round Pick


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With the 11th overall selection in the 2010 MLB Draft the Toronto Blue Jays select Georgia Tech Right-Handed Pitcher Deck McGuire.

I’m not going to pretend that I know much of anything about Deck, although experts tend to agree that he is a low-ceiling, get to the majors in the a couple of years #3, #4 type pitcher.

Here’s a collection of info and data from ESPN, Baseball America and other scouting services:

6’6, 225 lb strike throwing right-hander. Three year college starter for Georgia Tech. Born 06/23/1989

“safe arm with a tremendous track record of performance”

“proven college winner”

2010 NCAA Stats (as of 06/07/10)


“solid-average fastball that he can dial up to 94, although the pitch has no sink”

re:fastball “good downhill angle”

“fastball has a bit less life than it used to”

“best offspeed pitch is his changeup, 80-84 with good arm speed”

“throw his curve for strikes but its break isn’t sharp, and his slider flattens out frequently”

“also throws strikes with his curveball and harder slurve, and his changeup is average to fringe-average.”


” still growing into his 6’6″ frame”


“most still see him as a No. 3 or No. 4 starter ”

Scouting Videos

[youtube SHdLaAjj63Q] [youtube 1cokMuXGBBg] [youtube CzikXuT1a-4]

Obviously it will take a couple of years to see how this pick works outs. Personally I would have rather seen the Jays select Chris Sale (LHP) or Josh Sale (OF) with the 11th pick.

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7 replies on “Deck McGuire : Toronto Blue Jays 1st Round Pick”
  1. Word on the street is that McGuire is a sure shot to rise through the minors quick. This pick frees the Jays up to go for their high-risk over slot picks.

    1. That’s the prevailing logic but I felt better talent was on the board.

      Chris Sale may rise as quickly through the minors as McGuire and has much more upside judging by scouting comments.

  2. You never know with scouts.

    One AL scout said he is going to be a 6’6″ Doc clone.

    One NL scouting director says McGuire has fringy stuff at best.

    I guess we will see in a few years what the real deal is!

    1. Of course that’s the rub, differing scouts have differing opinions.

      I just hate the comments about McGuire from BA & ESPN. Flat fastball, fringe change?

      Chris Sale comments:

      “No. 1 prospect status in the Cape Cod League last summer”

      “Junior led the nation with 114 strikeouts while showing excellent fastball command (12 walks in 83 innings)”

      “fastball and change outstanding late life”

      “Sale’s changeup grades as plus like his fastball, and his slider is a solid-average pitch that’s effective against lefthanded hitters.”

      There was talk of the Royals selecting Sale at #4. I imagine Sale will sign for a few hundred thousand more than McGurie, which may have been a consideration considering the Jays have 10 relatively high cost draft picks.

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