Duane Ward: The 100+ Inning Set-Up Man

Duane Ward

Duane Ward was a right-handed reliever for the Toronto Blue Jays from 1986-1995. Primarily used as a set-up man to “The Terminator” Tom Henke, Ward came into his own as closer for the World Series-winning 1993 club. His statistics are quite remarkable: Ward had two 200+ ERA+ seasons and pitched five years in a row of more than 100 innings in a relief role.  His strikeouts per nine innings pitch in 1993 was over 12 and he had a 4:1 K:BB ratio. Sparkling.  Below is a video of the man himself, narrated by Tom Cheek.

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  • You’re really killing it with these videos. Where are you getting them from?

  • @Roy

    I’m not exactly sure myself. Cal keeps digging up old random Jays videos