Eight pitchers = one win and other random thoughts

Eight pitchers = one win

Can’t beat that. I’m usually against the Jays carrying this much organizational bullpen depth (trade for a bat is my logic) but it certainly came in handy yesterday.

HR City

A grand total of 11 combined HR by both teams in the past two games. That was fun

Back on track

I’ll admit, I was weary heading into the Philly series. A sweep vs the defending World Series champs has to be a huge confidence boost for the club. They’re only a game back of the Yankees (current Wild Card leaders)

Adam Lind

With all of the hoppla surrounding Rios yelling at kids, the injuries, and Rolen’s stud stature, Adam has somewhat quietly hit 6 HR and .371 this month. Lind is making a serious run at an all-star selection this season.


Jeremy didn’t allow an HR in AAA Vegas this season (over 24 IP). That’s quite the feat in that league and ballpark.

Hayhurst for the rotation


As we pointed out before his start, Mills was walking everyone over his past four minor league starts. Yesterday he walked four. I’d give the kid one more start and if the control isn’t there I’d send him down. He hasn’t had success at any level this season (and to be fair he fizzled out towards the end of spring training). Hayhurst has looked good so far in the pen and started a game in AAA back on May 14th. I’d like to see Dirk next in line for a rotation spot.

Barajas one of the keys to victory?

Here’s an odd split. In Jays victories Barajas is hitting .324 with a .920 OPS and 5 HR. In Jays losses he’s hitting .218 with a .514 OPS and 1 HR. Odd

Nationals Bats

Even though the Nat’s pitching staff is a joke they do have some dangerous bats. Check these lines out;

Cristian Guzman – Hitting .329

Nick Johnson – .843 OPS

Adam Dunn – 18 HR and a .948 OPS

Ryan Zimmerman – .901 OPS with 12 HR

Jesus Flores – .905 OPS


On a side note the Mop Up Duty crew has some liveblogs over at The Score this weekend. The Yankees at Marlins at 7pm Friday, Rays at Mets Saturday, and Brewers at Tigers 1pm Sunday. Direct Link – http://liveblogs.thescore.com

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2 replies on “Eight pitchers = one win and other random thoughts”
  1. says: Callum

    Although Dirk Hey-HayHurst has been shaky in his starts in the minors, if they went that route I would not be averse to the Jays calling up Jonah Bayliss for a relief role. Outside of one bad outing which inflated his #’s quite a bit, he has been a stud all year long.

  2. says: Early

    Good predictions on the Mashing. Those games against the Phillies were a treat but really hard to watch. I had to stop listening to the first game in the top of the 9th. Then tuned back in for the 10th.

    Cito is really using alot of his pen. Last night was the same thing.

    Did Cito not do the double switch right on Thurs afternoon? He brought Frasor in the bottom of the 8th, with the pitchers spot leading off, then uses Barajas to pinch hit. There was an out on the bases. Lucky for the Jays the game didn’t go into extras.

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