End the Dellucci Experiment Already

At this time Dellucci is 1 for 20


At the plate he looks over-powered, with a questionable batting eye and a slow bat. I’m not going to crack out a bunch of his zone-swing, ld%, etc after a 20ish PA sample. Still, its clear via anyone’s eyes and basic numbers that Dellucci is not the answer to the Jays vs righties DH troubles.

I’d imagine David’s best asset to the club is picking up chicks.

Let’s send David packing and replace him with somebody, anybody else. We all know that the going rate on a Jays roster spot is $10 million plus, so let’s not waste another day on David Dellucci.

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2 replies on “End the Dellucci Experiment Already”
  1. says: Brian

    Serisouly, end this. What the heck were they thinking. Bring up a kid, any kid, and give him some at-bats. Anyone can him .200 for *$^%! sake.

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