Fidel’s son wants Cubans to be able to play abroad

Antonio Castro, Vice President of the Cuban Baseball Federation and son of Fidel Castro, has made a proposal to allow Cuban baseball players to play in professional leagues in other countries.

According to his proposal, Cuban players would be allowed to keep 60% of their earnings while the Cuban government would garnish a 40% cut.

The countries that players will be permitted to play in are: Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Chinese Taipei/Taiwan, Italy, Venezuela and Mexico.  Players will not be permitted to play in the US Major Leagues.

After receiving consensus amond the members of the Cuban Baseball Federation, Castro brought his proposal to President Raul Castro and his father Fidel.  No word yet on how it was received by the 2 Castro brothers.

In other news, Cuban baseball superstar Frederich Cepeda was left off the Sancti Spiritus roster for the upcoming 50th Cuban National Series.  Cepeda is one of the best players in Cuban baseball, so it has raised more than a few eyebrows that he has been excluded from the roster.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Cepeda said that he did not commit any misconduct and he was not aware that he was being punished.   Cepeda, a 30 year old switch-hitter, batted .500 and hit three homers in the second  iteration of the World Baseball Classic in 2009.  He received praise from former President Fidel Castro, who wrote then, “we have a model in our team: the incredible Cepeda.  Great serenity and security, to whom I pay tribute in this discussion, for his prowess. ”

Usually in these types of situations it is because a player has attempted to defect and has been caught.  Cepeda says that this is not the case, “I would never betray my country.”  But really, what else is he going to say?

Antonio Castro embraces Frederich Cepeda

 A home run by Frederich Cepeda in the World Baseball Classic.  The Esquina Caliente goes wild!

[youtube 4nrVuLEq-ro]


After meeting with the head of Cuban baseball, Higinio Velez, Cepeda has been reinstated and added to the Sancti Spiritus roster.  There has been a public outcry when they news broke of Cepeda’s exclusion and it appears that Velez has given in to the public pressure.  Apparently it is because Cepeda returned to a hotel late when playing in an international tournament and Velez wanted to exercise his control.

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  1. says: Oscar

    As I said to you before Callum, Cepeda is the most Major League ready in Cuba. This guy has a batting discipline that can translate to seasons of more that 100 bb. He could easily be an allstar as of right now.
    BTW today at my job I met Adam Lind he is with his girl down here in Miami vacationing. He looked like a really nice guy. I asked him about next season and he look confident, also, I asked about Yunel Escobar and if he was in reality a teammate cancer as Bobby Cox said and he Adam just told me that Yunel was more of a flashy guy, something hat Bobby did not like to much.

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