Fire John Gibbons

Fire John Gibbons


It was poignantly expressed by several Blue Jays veterans, namely Doc Halladay, that for the Jays to be successful this year they would have to beat up on the AL also rans. The also-rans, in this case would be any team but the Yankees or Red Sox. The Jays have blamed not being able to “get up” for the games against Oakland, Texas, Tampa Bay, Kansas City etc. all these teams which have beaten up on the Jays in the last couple of weeks. The players and managers has expressed the lack of intensity when facing these teams.

It is usually, in baseball, the role of team captains to motivate their team. The Jays, do not have a captain per se. There has not been many players to speak out, in the past, Gregg Zaun has even Josh Towers has been more outspoken than the Jays all-stars and veterans.

If the Jays lack this clubhouse leadership it has to fall at the feet of the manager. If Gibbons is totally unable to motivate his players to “get up” to play a big league game than he is lacking some of the essential elements that is needed to manage this team.

Time to go.

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  1. says: RC

    Agreed. Punt him before it’s too late. I propose 2007 worst manager of the year Phil Garner take the job in T.O. Nothing fires up the spirit like a mustached leader telling you to exterminate your weaker foe.

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