Fox Sports Worst Sports Uniforms & Worst MLB uniforms

Worst MLB Uniforms

Fox Sports had an article today on the worst sports uniforms of all time.  While baseball uniforms tend to be of similar style and change little Fox has identified that 2 MLB teams made the cut.  The San Diego Padres camo alternate and the Chicago White Sox Bill Veeck-designed short pants of the late 70’s made the cut.  Fox’s list can be seen at

I made my own list of the 10 Worst Dressed Teams.

10. Washington Nats 1950 – The dull drab uniform of mostly grey and little navy and a plain block ‘W’ on the chest does not inspire anyting.  Bad teams with the most plain uniform of modern times.

9. Chicago White Sox 1982-1986 – Fox Sports gives the ChiSox short pants a bad rap but the ones that replaced them with the wrap around navy strip was worse.

8. Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1997 – A Devil Ray is not even a real animal so a logo/colour scheme was complelty up in the air – and they couldn’t make up their mind what colour a Devil Ray was so they chose a rainbow. Terrible.

7. Houston Astros – 1975-1982 – The Orange-Yellow-Red colour spectrum for a top was used as a home and road uniform.  Interesting but ugly.

6. San Diego Padres 1972-1973 – Lots to choose from here but while most people remember the brown Taco-bell style unifroms of the Ozzie Smith, Dave WInfield, Rollie Fingers days but the gold uniform with brown trim and gold sanitary hose were the worst from the Friars.

5. Cleveland Indians 1975-1977 – The fire-engine-red Indians uniform, tops and bottoms, may have been patriotic looking but they were still ugly. 

4. Baltimore Orioles 1971 – The orange/black/white scheme has been a staple on the Orioles since the 50’s but the orange pants, worn only in ’71 were too much.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates 1977-1979 – The mix and match black/yellow pinstripe worn by The Family were short lived, the old style hat adopted by several teams in 1976 as a NL centennary was maintained until the mid 1990s and was a nice touch.

2. Brooklyn Dodgers 1944 – The Dodgers wore a baby-blue uniform this year, and this year only, they should never have took this design.  Terrible.

1. Kansas City Athletics 1963-1967 – These are the uniforms that started the change from traditional unifroms to tight fitting, colourful polyester uniforms of the 1970s and 1980s.  The all-gold with green trim and white shoes has been kept in Oakland to this day.  This is a crafy design by Charlie Finley who hoped to embarrass his players who were mired in the second divison and would give them their more dignified navy and red uniforms back when they started performing better, 4 WS in Oakland and many divison titles and the remnants of these monsters are still with the A’s.

honourable mention – 1997 Arizona Diamondbacks, 1937 Brooklyn Dodgers, 1942 Chicago Cubs away, most other teams in the 1970s and 1980s.  .

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11 replies on “Fox Sports Worst Sports Uniforms & Worst MLB uniforms”
  1. says: Kman

    I gotta disagree with a couple of your choices, Mr. Traditionlist, in-fact, some of them are super $$$$, such as;

    Red Indians of the 70’s
    The Astros multi color

    But the rest of your list I can live with. I’d throw the the current Astros on the list (wanna be traditional style), 1936 Reds with the red pants, Brewers 1994 blues.

    That 1942 away Cubs is one of the ugliest I’ve seen, good pull!

    Which current uniforms do you dislike?

  2. says: Callum

    I have to disagree as well with a few. The “Taco Bell” (?) Padres uniforms were great, as were the ‘Stros. I don’t see anything wrong with the baby blue Dodgers uniform either. I do agree with you on the Indians uniform though, it looked like a bush league softball team uniform.

    …and K, I knew it wouldn’t take you very long to bring your baseball card nerd lexicon into every little thing.

  3. says: Kman

    Don’t get your hate on the cards. It’s a good SEO tatic…

    A photo of a card is considered legal, ripping a regular photo of an AP photographer is technically illegal.

    Got to keep the MUD on the up and up.

  4. says: Early

    Those Astros uniforms against the glowing green turf of the Astrodome, see any replay of 1980 NLCS, looked like something off a video game. Anything with coloured pants looks like softball uniforms, 1936 Reds is bad too, missed that one.

    Anyone else remember the “Uniforms of the Future” that they cracked out about 10 years ago, just for special occasions, I remember the Giants and Reds did it, I couldn’t find any pictures, they were all an abomination.

  5. says: Callum

    K, I wasn’t referring to you posting baseball card pictures, I was referring to you describing the 1942 Cubs uniforms as a “good pull!”

  6. says: Early

    A question on the Taco Bell Padres Uni’s?? NL All-Star and future MUD HOF candidate Steve Garvey said, “When I played for the Dodgers I wore an American flag, not I play for the Padres and wear a Taco Bell uniform.”

  7. says: Early

    A question on the Taco Bell Padres Uni’s?? NL All-Star and future MUD HOF candidate Steve Garvey said, “When I played for the Dodgers I wore an American flag, now I play for the Padres and wear a Taco Bell uniform.”

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