Free AFL Games On MLB.TV

Free AFL Games On MLB.TV


Click over to this link for some AFL full game video:

The content that you can view depends on your membership level. If you have a regular account (free to sign-up) then you can watch archived games at no charge. Live games can be watched if you’ve signed up for the $14.95 off-season package.

Spoiler Notice: The screen gives away the game score, as this example shows:


So when you head over there, make sure to put your hand or a piece of paper over the third column (Game) to avoid the spoiler.

Whether you have a pay account or opt for the free sign-up (about 1 minute), this is a great opportunity to catch some of the top prospects in the game.

(If you’re a Mac owner, you can save the videos as quicktime movies which can later be viewed on your computer or even an Ipod for those boring holiday get togethers. Just control click the video screen)

If you’re heading over there, don’t forget to also check out a neat little video package called around the fall league, which is a nice overview of MLB teams and minor league prospects. It’s located in the bottom left hand corner of the page.

We’ll be back later in the week with a little update on some of the break out performances of the 2007 AFL season.

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