Gaston Back with the Jays

Gaston Back with the Blue Birds

Gaston Back with the Jays

Who would have guessed it. I know Mike Wilner called it as “inside info” a while ago. However, this is a solid move for the Jays whether they win or lose.

This is a win/win for the Jays. Gaston is a legend in Toronto. His legacy is nearly unsulliable in Toronto. Probably only Joe Carter and Dave Stieb are held closer to Jays fans as Gaston. Nick Leyva, the new third base coach will be forever remembered giving Joe Carter the high five and otherwise losing it when Joe Was Touching ’em All in October 1993.

As for the change, change is good. Gibbons was not a bad manager but he could not find anyone to coach with him. Dumbo or whoever was the batting coach is lucky that I wouldn’t know him if I hit him with my car. The slumping hitting is noones fault except the players but good batting coaches should be able to pick up on mechanics gone bad and even the casual fan can pick out flaws in Rios’, Hill’s and even Frank Thomas’ approach and mechanics at the plate.

As for JP he has showed some fortitude by canning his boy Gibby. Him and Godfatha Godfrey thought they would stick with Gibby and the club after they had a terrible April. However, the problem of the terrible hitting remain and the stellar pitching and infallable bullpen have recently come down to earth and has even more so exposed the poor hitting.

Anyways, I like it, it is exciting and I am looking forward to see what Cito can do with this club. Also, the Jays seem to have not been able to forget the Gibbons days just yet. Through 3 innings the Jays have left runners in scoring postion in every inning.

Gibbons leaves the Jays with a 305-305 career record. He managed Jays games than only Gaston and Bobby Cox. I hope the best for Gibby.

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3 replies on “Gaston Back with the Jays”
  1. says: Kman

    JP is attempting to wash the stink off himself by hiring Gatson. Whether it be the numerous times he’s opened his yap or the poor performance of the current club (and lack of playoff appearances) JP rightly figures that everyone will be in love with the golden days of the Jays. The fans will also be more willing to put up with another losing season because they believe that Cito will right the ship. Smart move on JP’s part.

  2. says: Early

    JP had to do something. Trading a star is not an approach as they have underacheived so much you cannot get positive expectation that would be greater than their stars playing to their potential. And if you trade a pitcher you can really only trade for a left fielder.

    As much as Jays fans are rumoured to be quite and polite and fall into line, they have been immenslely negative the last month or so. Fans aren’t idiots and they can see how hurtful the inopportune K’s or DP’s are. Hitting into DP’s with the infield drawn in is terrible.

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