Great Baseball Names

Oil Can Boyd

For today’s article I am going to get away from the controversial opinion piece and give you all a little bit of fluff.  Baseball is a sport that has some bizarre names to have played the game and when I was a little boy I always dreamed that some day I would play in the bigs and have as cool a name as “Oil Can”.  Anyway, here are my picks for my favourite names of all time, in no particular order. Feel free to share your own.


Oil Can Boyd

Napoleon LaJoie

Stubby Clapp

Storm Davis

Three-Finger Brown

Gaylord Perry 

Tug McGraw

Coco Crisp

Milton Bradley 

Mookie Wilson

Rollie Fingers

Urban Shocker

Orval Overall

Orel Hersheiser

Heathcliff Slocumb

Oyster Burns

Cool Papa Bell

Humberto Sanchez

Garth Iorg

Catfish Hunter

Pee Wee Reese

Jung Bong

Snuffy Stirnweiss

Candy Maldonado

Boof Bonser

Pie Traynor

Dick Pole

Goose Gossage

Pickles Dillhoefer

Theodore Roosevelt Lilly

Turkery Stearns – not to be confused with Ducky Medwick

Al Kaline

Kenesaw Mountain Landis

Cornelius McGillicuddy

Dizzy Dean

Heinie Manush

Pokey Reese

Sixto Lezcano

Pepper “Wild Horse of the Osage” Martin

Enos Slaughter

Rusty Kuntz

and my boy….  Rance Mulliniks

You can’t make this stuff up…. even if you tried!

Rusty Kuntz

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  • My new fav is the with the Indians;

    Big League Choo

  • Early

    In regards to Choo…I sat in the 4th row behind the Indians bullpen on Tuesday night, Choo was playing RF. Huge Korean contingent out to cheer him on. All in those RF sections. Interesting in the way they cheer, they cheer in chorus and they have one dude who was somewhat of a cheerleader but not in the high-school-football sense. The non-Koreans had good names for him some higlights are Choobacca, Choo-Choo-Choose-Me and the inevitable You-Smell-Like-Choo. My favourite nickname, I have used it on the site before, “The Golden Greek” Harry “the Horse” Agganis. Love a dude with two nicknames.

  • I like Choobacca. I guess that Big League Choo has a special place in my heart, as I remember being a young lad, heading up to the Mike Mart in the
    every dangerous “heights” and buying packs of the big league chew. I do like the guys two nicknames, and they are some great nicknames at that.
    The golden greek and the horse, I’d love to hear the real stories as to how he received those nicknames.

  • One of my all-time favorite names: Champ Summers. Champ as in Champion. Summers as in the Summer Game.