Guess Sidney Ponson 2007 Spring Training Weight


Guess Sidney Ponson’s 2007 Spring Training Weight



Sidney Ponson : Salad Days (Literally)




My favorite time of year is right around the corner. It’s less than a week until pitchers & catchers report to their spring training homes, the first shot fired in the upcoming baseball season. The off-season questions will finally begin to be answered. But this is nothing but scenery and window dressing, as the real question on everyone’s mind, Sidney Ponson’s spring training weight, will finally be answered.



In past seasons, Sidney has been known for his grueling off-season training regiment:



It looks like Sidney has dropped the beer and is exclusively drinking wine in hopes of the anti-oxidants helping him regain his youthful glow.


Baseball fans love stats & charts. We love them as well, so here’s a chart of Mr. Ponson’s weight over the past five campaigns.
Sidney Ponson Weight Chart

Can he fall below the magic deuce and a half line? Will his weight rise? Did he loose a limb and fifty pounds with it? It’s anyone’s guess at this point. What will Sidney tilt the scales at come spring training?



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8 replies on “Guess Sidney Ponson 2007 Spring Training Weight”
  1. says: Callum

    Big Dawg gotta eat. I put Sidney at a little below 275, 268 to be exact. Those wine hangovers are going to cause him to eat greasy greasy breakfasts which is never a good thing.

  2. says: Wrigleyville

    Before the Nationals came to DC, we used to take great delight in watching Sidney in Baltimore. If there is a more unlikeable player, I have yet to see him (Bonds included). He just doesn’t care.

  3. says: Swing

    Sidney failed to show up to the Twins Fest. 35,000 fans at the MetroDome, virtually all current players with a lot of past and future stars. No Ponson. I’m hoping for the best, but expect the Same Old Same Old.

  4. says: dirty meatz

    when i met him he seemed like a caring person. he was always taking care of his people and friends. he really is a good person….he just doesnt care to much about the ones that keep going after him.

    and the last time i saw him he was not even drinking. this was when he was with the yanks! i was proud!

    plus his weight makes him a better pitcher…….back when he was lighter his fastball was not as fast.

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