Halladay out. For how long? + Castillo’s Muff

As I’m sure most of you have heard, Doc Halladay had to leave last night’s game against the Marlins in the fourth due to a groin injury.


“Just out of nowhere I felt a pinch,” Halladay said. “It wasn’t a lot of pain right after so I was just kind of hoping it was a twinge or something. But I felt it on the next pitch (the warmup). It’s just one of those things, kind of out of nowhere, it catches you off guard.”

Potentially devastating news for the Jays. Doc is listed day-to-day.

On a side note what the hell is up with Brandon League? He has plus-plus stuff and now has a 4.09 ERA and (5.47 this season). He allowed 5 runs in 1 IP. This is the fourth time this season that he’s allowed three runs or more in an appearance.

Luis Castillo Muff


I liveblogged the Mets vs Yankees game last night and witnessed this now semi-famous play.

Here’s the play with some keyboard cat gimmick. It was the only youtube clip I could find. Enjoy it before the MLB forces YouTube to take it down.

[youtube x2jra5tFjdc]

Long story short, the Yankees were down by a run with runners on first and second and two out. Arod fits a shallow pop-up to right (he even threw his bat down in disgust). Castillo went out for the easy catch and it clanked off the side of his glove. Two runs score and the Mets lose. Geez…

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