HBP as % of OBP leaders of 2007

HBP as % of OBP leaders of 2007


What I did was take the top 50 HBP leaders from 2007. I used the standard OBP equation that we just looked at and beside it I removed HBP from both sides to create the non-HBP OBP.

Once this was completed regular OBP was subtracted by non-HBP OBP. The end result is the actual hard number difference between the two. IE Aaron Rowand gained 17.94 points of OBP via HBP. Finally we just calculated the percentage of OBP inflation due to HBP.

Below in image format (sorry, tables suck on our site) is the results of the top 50.


And here’s a chart of the top 10 percentage OBP inflation leaders, with the blue line representing the original OBP and the red line representing the non-HBP. As you can see this can become fairly significant for some players.


For interest sake here’s our 2006 findings. 2006 Full Article: OBP Hidden Factor . This list is for the top 10 full OBP points leaders. Some notable repeats from our 2007 list include Mr. Rowand & Rickie Weeks.


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  1. says: daperman

    One of baseball’s oddities Brady Anderson a Lead of Hitter was hit twice in the first inning in a game against Texas in 1999. The only time a lead off hitter has done this. Reed Johnson holds a record with a handful of players to be hit three times in one game on three different occasions. ouch

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