Heartwarming Story of the Day

Heartwarming Story of the Day

Roy HalladayCathal Kelly from the Toronto Star (one of the most underrated baseball writers in my opinion) brings us a piece on Roy Halladay and a boy from the make a wish foundation.

The article is called “Doc Pitches In To Help Young Boy With Cancer”. It is nice to read feel good stories like these especially when being bombarded with PED scandals and the like.  Also from Cathal in the Star blog is an interesting piece on Sal Fasano.

Should one ever wonder about the love this Jays team has for Sal Fasano, there was the sight of Aaron Hill fetching him lunch before today’s intrasquad game.Minutes before the game started, Hill busted out of the clubhouse carrying a takeout tray. When MLB.com’s Jordan Bastian gave Hill the ‘What the hell are you doing?’ shoulder shrug, Hill shouted back, “It’s for Sal.”He never broke stride.Er.A pool reporter approached Fasano later to confirm delivery. Cheeseburger with all the fixins’. It’s been verified.You can splice through Fasano’s plate statistics all the livelong day. There is no good way to quantify how much he means to this team. It goes beyond numbers. 

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  1. says: Kman

    Quite the Fasano love. If he means that much hire him on as a coach. Its not as if anyone will miss his bat and he doesn’t have too much to offer other teams in that regard.

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