Hinchliffe Stadium


New York PBS Affiliate WNET recently showcased some obscure baseball lore in a short web video on historic Hinchliffe Stadium.

The baseball portion of the video starts around 1:20 and lasts for about five minutes before the ‘save the park’ crusade kicks into high gear.

However, the core five minutes is a good overview of the ballpark, which housed some of the all-time negro league greats within its circular bowl.

Interesting New York Black Yankees facts:

  • As the video notes, the team played the bulk of their games in Paterson, New Jersey.
  • Hincliffe was also used by the New York Cubans in 1936. The Cubans featured all-time great Martin Dihigo
  • On special occasions the Black Yankees would rent and play in the MLB Yankee Stadium
  • The Franchise disbanded in 1948.
  • The New York Black Yankees played their final season in Rochester, New York
  • MLB Hall of Famer Willie Wells played for the NYBY towards the tail end of his career in 1945 & 1946.
  • Staying with Willie, he played on the powerhouse 1940 Veracruz Blues, a team that consider to be one of the greatest in negro baseball history.
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