I Think We’re Alone Now

I Think We’re Alone Now

Ok. AJ has officially left us. What are we to do? JP’s used car lot is in full swing, buying an arm in Clement with 600,000+ km’s on it and trying to sell it back to Jays fans as good as new.  Well he hasn’t done it yet, but he will. And it’s not a lie if he knows the truth, right?

So in a 4 game set against the Yankees this year we have these matchups:

Halladay vs. Sabathia
Litsch vs. Burnett
Purcey vs. Wang
Clement vs. Chamberlain

Hmmmm doesn’t look too good does it?? Well today a few players were non tendered and became free agents and 2 of them look like tasty treats. Okay, only one does.  I’m talking about Chris Capuano.  C. Capuano as I lovingly refer to him as, once rescued my fantasy baseball squad from the precipice and brought it to glory in the year 2005.  He basically mirrored that season in 2006 and was on his way to fantasy glory in 2007 by starting off 5-0 before shattering his arm into a million pieces.  He had Tommy John surgery for the second time in his career and missed all of 2008 recuperating. Now he’s good to go! Unlike Clement, who hasn’t even played in the bigs since 2006 (?) Capuano is only one season removed from having a taste of the (fantasy) glory. JP, sign this reclamation project and do it quickly. Can I get a pound dog?

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  1. says: Kman

    I like Cap and if they can get him for a mill or so I’d do it. He may present problems in the AL East, as he gave up about 30 HR a year in his last two full MLB seasons. Still a better signing than Clement.

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