Indians vs Yankees Game 1 Notes

Indians vs Yankees Game 1 Notes

For those that haven’t checked it out, here’s my quick series prediction for the Yankees vs the Indians.  

One through nine, the Indians have no holes offensivly. Tonight proved that they are an offensive force and that they may have more balance than the Yankees, espically when Melky & Doug are in the line-up for the pinstripes.

One thing that I didn’t like was pitching Perez for two innings. In a blow-out, I can see the wisdom in giving him some work and a taste of post-season experience in a non-pressure situation. 31 pitches? The kids young and they do have Saturday off. I hope that’s the reasoning behind the decision.

Jensen Lewis pitched as advertised.

Why the Yanks brought in Ross Ohlendorf is beyond me? He stunk it up in AAA this season, so why did he get the nod? Go straight to Hughes, Kennedy or Chamberlain. The Indians clearly have the edge in bullpen depth. Outside of tonights
appearances, they still have Fultz (ERA under 3.00) & Laffey to eat up innings.

Close-ups of both dugouts gave the series an added flavour. You have the skirt chasing Yanks and their manager sporting his gold rollex. Over in the Indians dugout you have youth, a few vetrans and Wedge wearing a Timex.

One game certainly doesn’t make a series. Good start for the Tribe. I look for Carmona to have a strong start in game two. For those that aren’t to familiar with Fausto, he had the AL’s second lowest ERA at 3.06, was 19-8, had a WHIP of 1.209 and led the AL with a 3.28 groundball to flyball ratio. For comparision, #2 in G/F ratio in the AL was Wang, way back at 2.68.

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3 replies on “Indians vs Yankees Game 1 Notes”
  1. says: Early

    I may sound like a fool here but does Torre really have a Rolex and Wedge have a Timex. I remember heckling Wedge in Buffalo a few years ago and RC selling faux Rollies, 6 degrees of separation??

  2. says: Chrissy

    The Yankees got their asses handed to them, and for a third of the payroll. Thats all that needs to be said.

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