Interesting Jays Stats Heading into 2009

Interesting Jays Stats Heading into 2009


Halladay has the 16th best winning percentage of all-time

I still like Scott Rolen in the leadoff role.

Aaron Hill is a different hitter vs left handed pitching. His OPS for his career vs righties is a lowly .719 but vs lefties it jumps up to a .827

Jays pitchers were 0 – 16 in at-bats last season. 

No one in the bullpen surrendered more than six home runs last year. Amazing.

Casey Jansenn’s career ERA as a reliever is 2.27 and 5.22 as a starter. Small samples on both fronts.

Vernon’s second half OPS was a robust .932. During this time his babip was only .291, suggesting that this mark may not be as much of a fluke as some think.

Kevin Millar is a reverse platoon player during his career, as this right handed batter has a better career and 2008 OPS vs right handers rather than lefties.

Despite critism from scouts and the Toronto media, Adam Lind has yet to surrend an error in 153 MLB games in LF.

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  1. says: Ian

    I’m actually very surprised to see that Lind hasn’t made an error in LF in 153 games. He’s not a very well regarded defensive player, but the statistics show otherwise. Good investigative journalism Kman!

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