Is Andruw Jones Finished?

Is Andruw Jones Finished

spaceball1.gifAt 31, in his 13th NL season Andruw Jones might be washed up. A model of consistency in centre field for the Braves since breaking in as a 19 year old in the 1996 season Jones has fallen on hard time the last couple of seasons.Last year, his OPS was in the low .700’s while his career average is in the mid .800s. This year, he signed with the LA Dodgers and he has gotten off to his worse start ever. As of this writing, Jones was hitting around .160 with an OPS in the .550’s.He sat out a game the otherday, causing speculation that Torre, uncharacteristcally of him, was had benched the 5 time all-star. Rumours swirling different have surfaced. Jones claims that he suffers from allergies and his body aches. Don Mattingly claims that Jones has been trying to pull everything and hit for power.If allergies are the problem Jones should be medicated. If not, he should be placed on the DL. If the problem is mental or mechanical as Donnie Baseball claims (which I buy) Jones’ career just might be finished.  

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  1. says: Kman

    Looks like his agents (Boras I think) plan failed with signing a short term deal. Luckily the Dodgers didn’t get roped into a six or seven year big $$$ deal.

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